Good, Clean, Wholesome CAVE Fun

by Andrew Melchiors

The Dragon
I decided to do an object that would fit in a carnival scene. I chose to do the swinging ship style of ride. Instead of going for a classic ship design however, I decided to give the ride a bit more personality by applying a character to it. I chose to avoid shiny steel textures in favor of wood. This was done in order to give the ride an aged look that would allow it to fit into a old world carnival scene if needed.. Looking back on the project, I don’t care for the textures too much. I feel this is an area I need to learn more about.


Three Strikes
From the beginning of this project I wanted to recreate a realistic looking game booth for our carnival environment. The game I chose was the simple game of knocking over the milk containers with a baseball. After playing with some ideas I settled on the overall theme of baseball and the name “Three Strikes”. Once the model was complete I went in search of images to manipulate for the texture map. Using Photoshop I attempted to make the pictures look less realistic. This was to give the images a painted on appearance. Overall I am pleased with the outcome and feel that my goals for the project have been met.

amRender6ThreeStrikes amRender7ThreeStrikes amRender8ThreeStrikes amRender9ThreeStrikes amRender10ThreeStrikes