About the CCC

Mission Statement

At the Indiana University Campus Children’s Center (CCC) we believe that young children learn best through their direct interactions with their environment combined with the people within it.  The adults in children’s lives are key influences for future life success and at Campus Children’s Center we strive to develop strong, collaborative relationships with each family with our combined focus on the optimal development for their child.  Our curriculum, Foundations to the Indiana Academic Standards: Birth to Five, is dynamic in that it changes with the interests and needs of the children and reflects our belief that the whole child must be developed across the curriculum with social & emotional emphasis to support all aspects of development.

Admissions Policy

The CCC welcomes the enrollment of all children regardless of race, religion, gender, disability, or national origin.


The CCC is licensed by the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration and is enrolled in the Indiana Five Star Environmental Recognition Program.

Goals and Objectives

Each child at the Campus Children’s Center is viewed as an individual.  To that end, we have the following goals and objectives for the children enrolled at the Center.

  1. To encourage and foster the development of positive self esteem and self concept.
  2. To promote the development of each child into self-confident, risk-taking learners for life.
  3. To promote the development of positive social skills.
  4. To promote the development of find and gross motor skills.
  5. To promote the development of cognitive and creative skills in the areas of literacy, math, science, music, art and language development.
  6. To promote the development of independence, self-reliance and self-discipline.
  7. To promote the development of positive communication skills.
  8. To promote the development of sound health and nutrition.
  9. To promote the appreciation of diversity in community.
  10. To encourage each child to be a positive member of the community.

Curriculum Plan

The Campus Children’s Center has a written curriculum plan that describes our educational philosophy, goals and objectives for the children, the classroom arrangement, and the teacher’s role.  Copies are available for review in each classroom and in the Center office.  Parents are strongly encouraged to review the curriculum plan.

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