History of the Campus Children’s Center

CCC playground

The CCC playground in summer.

The Campus Children’s Center is a full day, developmentally based preschool program serving children of IU faculty, staff, and students. The original idea for the Center was conceived in the fringe benefits committee of the Bloomington Campus Staff Council in 1980. This proposal was presented to Vice President Gros Louis who turned it over to Marcia Donnerstein, Campus Affirmative Action Officer, for further study. Ms. Donnerstein, with the help of the Monroe County Community Coordinated Child Care Association and various university representatives, drafted a proposal for a model child care facility that would care for children of IU faculty and staff. This proposal, with minor revisions, was approved by President Ryan in July, 1983.

With the closing of the Indiana University Nursery School in the spring of 1983, space became available for the Center. The Campus Children’s Center opened on August 23, 1983. It has grown from a small group of three and four year olds to now serving 48 children, ages two through kindergarten. On October 1, 1996, CCC moved into the newly renovated Center in Building in E-7 at the University School Complex.

In June 2006, Indiana University approved financial support to increase quality infant/toddler care on the IUB campus.  In August of 2007 Campus Children’s Center added an infant/toddler program increasing the age span that is cared for to 6 weeks through 5 years.

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