Threes at the CCC.
A parent reading to preschoolers.



  • The Center currently maintains 5 classrooms. The infant room has 8 children; the toddler classroom has 10 children; the two’s classroom has 10 children and the two preschool classrooms have 19-20 children each, ages 3-5.
  • Each classroom is staffed with two full time teachers who have college degrees. The program is administered by a full time director and an administrative assistant. Hourly student and non-student aides supplement the staffing.
  • The Center practices Continuity of Care, which provides children engaging experiences with consistent caregivers and peer groups.  For the infant/toddler/twos program, we utilize a three year looping cycle so that children, teachers, and peers stay together from infancy through age two.  The summer during or after children have turned three, they transition with their peers into the preschool program which provides care and education for children ages 3-5.
  • Major program decisions are advised by the CCC Advisory Committee which is comprised of university faculty, staff, and CCC parents.
  • The Center participates in the federally funded Child Care Food Program.


The staff at the Campus Children’s Center is experienced and professionally trained. The program is administered by a full time director and program assistant. Each of the 5 classrooms is staffed by two co-teachers. All co-teachers possess at least a bachelor’s degree in education or other child related field. In addition to the full time staff, CCC employs part time teacher aides, most of whom are IUB students. The CCC staff are recognized for their professional knowledge and experience and many of them present workshops to parents and other professionals. The center is proud of its low staff turnover rate.  

Meals and Snacks

Children are served nutritious meals and snacks throughout the day.  Children arriving before 8:00 am are offered a breakfast of cereal, milk and juice. Snacks are offered at 9:30 am and 2:45 p.m, daily. A hot lunch is prepared by IU Dining Services and is transported daily to the Center. The cost of all meals and snacks is included in the weekly fee.  

Infants are fed on-demand.  Please see the Infant & Toddler Handbook for more information.  

Parent Involvement

Parents are encouraged to participate in the CCC program as much as possible. Daily communication between parents and CCC staff is a high priority. In addition, a minimum of three parent-teacher conferences are offered each year. Parents are encouraged to participate in the classroom, serve on the CCC Advisory Committee, accompany the class on field trips, or come to lunch at the center.  

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