From bouncy seats to bouncy feet.

Infants in the CCC Infant Room range from 6 weeks to around a year.

Staff to Child Ratio – 1:3
Group Size – up to 8

Infants are cared for based upon their individual needs.  We work to keep a child’s home schedule the same at CCC to provide consistency. During this first year, we emphasize the developing strong relationships between the caregivers, child, and family as when children trust their caregivers, they are then comfortable in exploring the world around them. Breastmilk is welcome, as are cloth diapers, should you choose to do so. Two full-time staff are both in the room for the majority of the day, as well as hourly aids. Parents are always welcome to visit in the classroom cribs are set up in half the room for sleeping, and toys, bouncy seats, and rocking chairs in the other half. When the weather is nice, the babies can be found on walks in the buggy or crawling and toddling around their play yard.

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