Preschoolers at the CCC.

Preschoolers experiment with a water station in the playground.

The CCC has two preschool classrooms for children three- to five-years-old.

Staff to Child Ratio – 1:10
Group Size – up to 20

Children enter into our preschool either by transitioning with their peers from our infant and toddler program or directly from outside of the Center.

Our multi-age classrooms provide continuity because the children stay in the same classroom with their teachers from the time they are three until they leave us for Kindergarten.

Teachers strive to create a classroom environment that will stimulate literacy, math, science, art, motor development and music, through the daily play of the preschoolers — and their interests are supported by teachers to help extend their learning.  Daily opportunities are available for both child- and teacher-initiated activities. At this stage, children also start to strengthen peer relations and social interactions, and great effort is taken to set up our preschool classrooms to foster community building and self help skills. 

Preschoolers reading a book.

Parents are welcome to participate. This dad is reading to a group of preschoolers.

You will see preschool children play in a variety of ways:  independently, parallel, or in small or large groups.  On any given day, a preschooler might swinging by themselves, play in the sandbox alongside friends, or learn a new dance move.

Our preschool rooms are designed to accommodate the increasingly-wide range of stages and abilities of 3- to 5-year-olds. Classrooms include materials that are open-ended and rotated to reflect children’s current interests:

  • Library areas: couches and child accessible bookshelves are available for comfortable reading throughout the day
  • Art and writing area: various supplies available to children such as an easel, paint, markers, pencils, crayons, glue, collage material, scissors, tape, yarn and glitter
  • Math/Manipulatives: small pieces to count, sort, balance, build, pattern, string, and “manipulate.” These materials are rotated and include items such as Legos, Duplos, beads, small blocks, nuts and bolts, sorting keys, magnet blocks, mobiles, dominoes, gears and Lincoln logs.
  • Dramatic Play: dress-up clothes, shoes and hats, babies, food, house keeping, doll house and furniture, animals, people, Loft, big hollow blocks and planks
  • Science and Sensory: fish tanks, magnifiers, pipettes, Water table, sand table, Playdough, goop, work bench and garden
  • Music: piano, percussion instruments, CDs and song books
  • Motor Development: climbers, bikes, dancing, loft and big hollow blocks

Typical Day for a Preschooler at the CCC

7:30- 8:00 Breakfast and Free Choice Inside
7:30 teacher arrives
8:00- 8:45 Free Choice Inside
aide arrives
8:45-9:20 Clean Up and Outside Free Choice if weather permits
9:20- 9:40 Clean Up Outside; Return inside for Snack
9:30 teacher arrives
9:40- 10:00 Circle Time
10:00- 10:50 Free Choice Inside
10:50- 11:35 Clean Up Inside; Free Choice Outside if weather permits
11:35- 12:00 Clean Up Outside; Return inside for Lunch
12:00- 12:30 Finish Lunch, Toileting, choosing Books and Journals, preparing for Rest Time
12:30- 2:30 Rest Time: may include Books, Journals, and other Quiet Choices
2:30- 3:00 Clean Up rest time activities and have Snack
3:00- 4:20 Free Choice Inside
7:30 teacher leaves and aide arrives
4:20- 5:30 Clean Up Inside; Free Choice Outside if weather permits
5:30 teacher leaves

A full time teacher is available on a daily basis at both drop off and pick up with aides assisting in the over-laps between the classroom hours.

The times spent outside do change as the seasons and weather changes. The schedule is subject to change. We will provide you with an updated version when needed.

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