Toddlers at the CCC

Toddlers have teeth!

The toddlers in the CCC Toddler Room range from around a year to two years.

Staff to Child Ratio – 1:5
Group Size – up to 10

Our program philosophy supports continuity of care, in that children stay with the same teachers for their first three years.  At the CCC, toddlers range from around a year to two years old and since infancy, they have been in the same room with the same teachers.

Toddlers are keen learners. They spend every moment they are awake, in trying to figure out how the world works and are busily engaged in exploring their newfound independence! For the toddlers in our room, the world is an exciting place full of interesting things to be discovered.

Each day, toddlers are learning to relate to each other and to the feelings of their peers. They have a number of gross motor and fine motor skills that is greatly improving during this period of life. This is also a time of language explosion and their receptive/expressive vocabulary is developing rapidly. The CCC toddler classroom has a number of interest and learning centers and our daily schedule allows for a big chunk of time for child initiated play. Our team of responsive and caring teachers realizes that toddlers need lots of love and support to practice their newly acquired skills over and over again!

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