The children in the CCC Twos Room range from younger just turned twos to three-year-olds.

Staff to Child Ratio – 1:5
Group Size – up to 10

Following our continuity of care our toddlers and their teachers move on up to the bigger Two’s room.

Twos are quickly becoming independent and working hard on becoming more stable and sure of their bodies. Their classroom and larger playground offer many choices to help the children develop these more advanced skills. Acquiring more skills in using the potty successfully and helping them in this transition is part of the Two’s curriculum.

This is an amazing age for the development of language and dramatic play skills. The twos room features several great areas for assisting their development including loft, house, dress-up, library and writing areas. Twos are known for telling stories and using their imagination in their artwork.  Expect to see the stories and works of the children displayed around the room!

Our Daily Schedule.

Our daily routine is child centered and allows for flexibility and open ended choices. In the morning we have breakfast until 8 a.m. and greet all our families as they come in with their children. The early morning focuses on greetings, open choices, and going outside for a little while to enjoy the early morning sun. After morning snack served around 9:30, we have circle time where we sing our “Hello Song,” read books, and sing more songs. This is followed by a free choice time when the entire room is open for play with a teacher initiated art or sensory activity offered at the table. This is usually followed by outside play or a walk in the meadow as long as the weather permits – sometimes this even includes fun in a light rain! Then we have lunch and naptime. After nap we have another snack and the afternoon has lots of time for self-initiated activities and outside play. Our twos have lots of fun filled and exciting days and look forward to each day with renewed energy!

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