Continuity of Care

IU Campus Children’s Center practices “Continuity of Care” throughout its program. Continuity of Care begins each August with a new infant classroom. The children remain with the same full-time caregivers and peers from infancy through age 2. The summer that the children in the classroom are three is when they transition into the preschool program. Once in preschool the children will stay with the same full-time teachers until they go to kindergarten. This practice is important as “bonding” with caregivers is essential for children to feel a sense of trust and competence; a vital step in optimal development and learning. Additionally, strong, collaborative relationships develop between the caregivers/teachers and the families through Continuity of Care.

With Continuity of Care, the center enrolls children in the infant room based upon their date of birth. To be eligible for the August infant classroom, a child must be born between September of the previous year through August of the current enrollment year as children need to be 3 when they transition into preschool.

Please feel free to contact us directly with questions about Continuity of Care and enrollment eligibility based upon date of birth.

Phone: (812) 855-0789

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