Counsilman Center For the Science of Swimming

During his coaching career, Doc Counsilman lived and breathed swimming. It was on his mind virtually every day, from the moment he woke until late in the evening, and sometimes all night. Many aspects of swimming puzzled him, fueling an insatiable curiosity about the sport. His constant musings led to many of his coaching innovations. Throughout his career as coach and professor, Doc stressed the importance of studying the scientific basis of human movement. He taught his swimmers much of what he knew, and some of what he only guessed was true. The intellectual atmosphere he created in the pool was instrumental in attracting outstanding student-athletes to Indiana University, leading to unparalleled success in swimming.

The Counsilman Center is named after James E. "Doc" Counsilman and honors his seminal work in developing the science of swimming. Doc Counsilman's legacy to Indiana University is his unflinching pursuit of the scientific bases for swimming performance and his dedication to the use of academic research in that pursuit. As such, the Counsilman Center aims to continue to provide the swimming community with valuable information as a means to advance the sport of competitive swimming.