As a tribute to Doc’s curiosity, and as a means of continuing his contributions to the science of swimming, the Counsilman Center seeks to:

  1. Establish fellowships in Doc’s name to support students who wish to study the science of coaching. Indiana University offers one, two, and three-year graduate degrees in Human Performance and Applied Sport Science. 
  2. Continue Doc’s pursuit of coaching innovations by exploring the use of new video and electronic technology to assess the performance of competitive swimmers during training and competition.
  3. Serve as a resource for coaches, swimmers, and scholars seeking information on the history of swimming, training techniques, and competition. Doc has donated his extensive personal archives to establish the cornerstone of the Counsilman Library, from which we will build a unique collection of swimming knowledge.
  4. Provide a source for unaffiliated independent opinions and perspectives on training techniques and swimming-related equipment. By remaining independent from restrictive corporate support, we hope to provide the swimming community with information obtained solely from objective testing and scientific measurements.
  5. Act as a modern testing facility for the physiologic, psychologic, and biomechanical status of athletes to provide state of the art scientific assessment for athletes of all ages and abilities. Bloomington is an ideal low-altitude testing site, centrally located, with outstanding aquatic facilities. Royer Pool, Doc’s lab for over 30 years, is adjacent to the Indiana University Human Performance Lab, making the Counsilman Center the perfect location to investigate the Science of Swimming.