The Center for Evaluation and Education Policy (CEEP) is located at Indiana University, although its operations are semi-autonomous and fully self-funded.  The Center is a client-focused organization that strives to deliver the highest quality service to its clients through the most cost-efficient means possible.

The Center, located within a highly ranked School of Education at one of the world’s largest research institutions, draws upon vast resources to deliver the most efficient combination of advanced evaluation methodologies, nonpartisan information and research, and cutting-edge technologies. CEEP applies sound business practices to manage and implement evaluations, and uses cost-effective technology to facilitate the work of team members in various locations.

CEEP’s mission encompasses three chief goals:

  • Improve education by providing nonpartisan information, research, and evaluation on education issues to policymakers and other education stakeholders
  • Encourage rigorous program evaluation across a variety of settings by providing evaluation expertise and services to diverse agencies, organizations, and businesses
  • Expand knowledge of effective strategies in evaluation and policy research by developing, modeling, and disseminating innovative approaches to program evaluation and policy research