Practice Areas


In addition to publishing policy briefs on health-related issues, CEEP has also evaluated a range of health-related programs. CEEP has worked with education and public health practitioners to help successfully allocate resources and organize efforts. Selected evaluation programs include the following projects.

Help Me Grow Developmental Evaluation Tool Alignment with Child Outcomes

Client: Ohio Department of Health
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As part of this project, CEEP and the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community assisted the Ohio Department of Health and the Help Me Grow Advisory Council’s Evaluation Workgroup in developing a pilot in which developmental evaluation tools were used not only to determine eligibility for Part C/Early Intervention, but also to gather child outcome data needed for state and federal reporting. More specifically, the objectives of the project included the following: designing a scoring methodology, creating training materials, conducting in-person training of pilot counties, providing technical assistance to the Bureau of Early Intervention Services regarding data collection and analysis, and providing recommendations related to the full implementation of the program beyond the pilot counties. The scoring methodology aligned each of the five developmental evaluation tools to the outcomes/indicators areas identified by the Early Childhood Outcomes Center’s categories of progress and the U.S. Office of Special Education Program’s categories of progress.

Evaluating Comprehensive Cancer Control in Indiana

Client: American Cancer Society Foundation
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The Indiana Cancer Consortium is a statewide network of public and private organizations whose mission is to reduce cancer burden in Indiana. CEEP evaluated the collaborative process for developing and implementing a statewide plan that increased cancer prevention activities, early detection, and the quality of life for cancer patients. Information generated through the evaluation was used for accountability, program improvement, and ongoing decision making among member organizations.

Indiana Joint Asthma Coalition

Client: Indiana State Department of Health
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CEEP contracted with the Indiana State Department of Health Asthma Program to assess the Indiana Joint Asthma Coalition (InJAC) through formative evaluation efforts. The InJAC is a voluntary statewide network of people and organizations, both public and private, with a mission to reduce the burden of asthma on Indiana residents. In collaboration with InJAC stakeholders, CEEP developed a comprehensive evaluation framework that assessed InJAC’s leadership, resources, decision making, internal communication, sustainability, and members’ perceived value of the coalition.