Since 1990, the School Finance Team at the Center for Evaluation & Education Policy (CEEP) has provided research and analytical support to the state of Indiana with regard to school funding for primary and secondary public education. Through a series of biennial grants from the state entitled “Extending Indiana’s Capacity for School Finance Analysis,” the School Finance Team at CEEP has been able to assist the Department of Education and the Indiana legislature in examining the impact of the state’s school funding formula on the level of funding across school districts, the equity of the funding distribution, and providing recommendations for changes to the formula to meet specific goals and objectives.

The School Finance team disseminates its work as study reports and policy memoranda for Indiana legislative and state agency staff, as well as congressional staff, and also as Education Policy Briefs for wider distribution to the K-12 education community. The scope of this research is not limited to Indiana and often extends to topics of national concern. Recent Education Policy Briefs include an ongoing examination of school district referenda, a report on the impact of district consolidation, and a comprehensive overview of the different Student Count Mechanisms implemented across the country. The School Finance Team has also produced larger studies of issues like property tax changes and fiscal equity and adequacy.