HSSSE Media Coverage & Citations

HSSSE in Print Media
Big Data in Independent Schools: Assessing What We Value?  EdWeek 18-Mar-13
High School Students Are Bored  EdWeek 1-Jul-10
Schools are Using High School Survey of Student Engagement Results to Find Solutions for Their Students EducationNews.org 9-Jun-10
Schools are Responding to Latest Findings from the High School Survey of Student Engagement Indiana University School of Education 9-Jun-10
Study: Teens are Bored Education Week 7-Jun-10
Scholarly Culture in the Home The Chronicle of Higher Education 22-May-10
Tools for Action - Student Engagement Central to Success Intercultural Development Research Association 20-Nov-09
Bored High School Students How-to-study.com 18-Nov-09
Can Skippers Be Helped The Commerce Wire 18-Nov-09
Teens Spend More Time Chatting Than Studying, Survey Finds EdWeek 17-Nov-09
A Fresh Approach to Alternative Education Kappa Delta Pi Record Winter 2009
Ten Things to Know About Public Schools and Dropout Factories Politics Daily 23-May-09
Are the Kids All Right The American 27-Jan-09
A Broken Link Educators Work to Bridge Individual.com 28-Dec-08
Schools Survey Their Students-and Grapple with the Results Harvard Education Letter Nov/Dec 2008
Leader Talk - Status Quo Has Got To Go, AKA More Thoughts on the Moral and Ethical Imperative LeaderTalk.org 25-Nov-08
Gizmo Used to Engage and Motivate Students The Modesto Bee 24-Nov-08
The Plan-Make Schools Drop-out Proof The Winchester Star 28-Oct-08
High Schools Add Elective to Cultivate Interests New York Times 27-Oct-08
A Plan to Cut the High School Dropout Rate New York Times 26-Oct-08
U.S. Kids Less Likely to Graduate than Parents Chron.com 23-Oct-08
Counting on Graduation The Education Trust Fall 2008
An F School Depends on How It's Judged New York Times 28-Sep-08
Opting for Creativity Newsweek 22-Sep-08
Wired Youth Dialogue: Mark, on How Tech Talents are Applied The Chronicle of Higher Education 16-Sep-08
My Trip Inside Newsweek 25-Aug-08
Engagement is the Answer EdWeek  16-Jul-08
A Phenomenographic Investigation of Teacher Conceptions of Student Engagement in Learning The Australian Educational Researcher 1-Apr-08
Real Issues, Real Learning QuickandEd.com 27-Feb-08
Absent From Class Education Week 13-Sep-07
Senior Year Tedrow 1-Aug-07
Students Do More Socializing Than Studying  CQ Reviewer  1-Jul-07
Dropouts acteonline.org 1-Jun-07
Voices of Students on Engagement  The Ohio Education Gadfly  11-Apr-07
Voices of Students on Engagement  YOUTHtoday  1-Apr-07
Results of High School Engagement Survey  Rural Matters  13-Mar-07
High School Survey Finds That Students Are Bored in Class The National Academies 12-Mar-07
Breaking News Kids Bored in Class Cocking a Snook 28-Feb-07
Students are bored, many skip school, lack adult support IU Newsroom 28-Feb-07
Most Students Bored at School LiveScience 28-Feb-07
High School Students Bored, Risk Dropping Out Reuters 8-Feb-07
Leaving "School" Out of High School Education Week Summer 2006
Where Students Say They Feel Afraid and Unchallenged - and Think Teachers Don't Care - Survey of Teens Raises Questions about Education The Indy Star 17-Aug-05
An Intimate Look Inside High Schools Washington Post 1-Aug-05
Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio? The New York Times 13-May-05
High School Students Need College Prep Reality Check IU News 9-May-05
High School Fails to Engage Students USA Today 8-May-05
MCCSC to Survey Students about Sex Herald Times 5-Apr-05
New Inquiry to Measure Student Engagement Education Week 21-Jan-04
Mind in the Making: The Case of Life Skills EdWeek 2-Jul-05
School Climate Guide for District Policymakers and Education Leaders Center for Social and Emotional Education 1-Jul-05
Understanding and Reporting on Academic Rigor The Hechinger Institute on Education and the Media 1-Jul-05
A New Test for Our Schools Journal and Courier 27-Jun-05


Other Works that Reference the HSSSE
Title Organization or Author Date Published
Findings from Recent Research Projects International Baccalaureate Organization 1-Jul-05
IB Fact Sheet - Academic, Social, and Emotional Engagement amoung IB High School Students in the United States International Baccalaureate Organization 1-Jul-05
Critical Concepts of Engagement Psychology in the Schools
Engaging Students at School and With Learning Psychology in the Schools 30-Jun-05
Are Students Ready for College? - What Student Engagement Data Say Report by Martha and George 1-May-06
2010 NCVRW Resource Guide The National Center for Victims of Crime 2-Jul-05