Education Policy Briefs


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Vol.12 No.1 2013 NAEP: How Does Indiana Compare?  


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Vol.11 No.3 Indiana’s Teacher Evaluation Legislation  
Vol.11 No.2 Is Indiana Ready for State-Funded Pre-K Programs? Revisited Fast Facts
Vol.11 No.1 Indiana’s TIMSS 2011 Performance: Outperforming Much of the World in Math and Science, But Issues Remain for Gender Achievement and High Performers


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Vol.10 No.6 The Four-Day School Week: Nine Years Later
Vol.10 No.5 The Evolution of Indiana’s School Accountability System Fast Facts
Vol.10 No.4 Overhauling Indiana Teacher Evaluation Systems: Examining Planning and Implementation Issues of School Districts
Vol.10 No.3 Attendance and Chronic Absenteeism in Indiana: The Impact on Student Achievement
Vol.10 No.2 Student Count Mechanisms for Funding Purposes
Vol.10 No.1 Childhood Obesity and Nutrition Issues in the United States: An Update on School-based Policies and Practices Fast Facts


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Vol.9 No.5 Emotional and Behavioral Disorders: Promoting Prevention and Positive Interventions in School Settings Fast Facts
Vol.9 No.4 Revamping the Teacher Evaluation Process
Vol.9 No.3 School Choice Issues in Indiana: Sifting through the Rhetoric Fast Facts
Vol.9 No.2 The Limits and Possibilities of International Large-Scale Assessments
Vol.9 No.1 Update on Indiana School District Referenda: Legislative Changes and Primary Election Outcomes of 2011


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Vol.8 No.5 Update on Indiana School Referenda
Vol.8 No.4 College Persistence and Completion Strategies: Opportunities for Scaling Up
Vol.8 No.3 Revisiting School District Consolidation Issues
Fast Facts
Vol.8 No.2 School Referenda in Indiana
Fast Facts
Vol.8 No.1 The Impact of Advanced Placement Incentive Programs
Fast Facts


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Vol.7 No.4 Alternative Schools: What’s in a Name? Fast Facts
Vol.7 No.3 Open Enrollment in K-12 Public Education Fast Facts
Vol.7 No.2 Changes in Indiana School Funding. Fast Facts
Vol.7 No.1 The Advantages and Disadvantages of Multiage Classrooms in the Era of NCLB Accountability Fast Facts


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Vol.6 No.9 Single-Sex Education in the 21st Century Fast Facts
Vol.6 No.8 Arguments and Evidence: The Debate over Collective Bargaining’s Role in Public Education. Fast Facts
Vol.6 No.7 Improving High School Graduation Rates Fast Facts
Vol.6 No.6 Promises and Pitfalls of Virtual Education in the United States and Indiana Fast Facts
Vol.6 No.5 Calculating High School Graduation Rates Fast Facts
Vol.6 No.4 The Status of Male Teachers in Public Education Today Fast Facts
Vol.6 No.3 Using Data to Address Equity Issues in Special Education
Vol.6 No.2 Latino Students and Disproportionality in Special Education
Vol.6 No.1 Models of State K-12 Educational Governance: Where Does Indiana Stand? Fast Facts


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Vol.5 No.9 Improving School Climate and Student Behavior: A New Paradigm for Indiana Schools  
Vol.5 No.8 Outcomes of the School Choice and Supplemental Educational Services Provisions of NCLB. Fast Facts
Vol.5 No.7 Indiana’s Mathematics and Science Performance: Do We Measure Up? Fast Facts
Vol.5 No.6 The Daily Schedule: A Look at the Relationship Between Time and Academic Achievement Fast Facts
Vol.5 No.5 Assessing the Policy Environment for School Corporation Collaboration, Cooperation, and Consolidation in Indiana. Fast Facts
Vol.5 No.4 Special Education Service Delivery in Indiana  
Vol.5 No.3 Alternatives to the Traditional School-Year Calendar Fast Facts
Vol.5 No.2 What is the Complexity Index? Fast Facts
Vol.5 No.1 Is it Time to Change Indiana’s School-Year Calendar? Fast Facts


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Vol.4 No.12 Emerging Trends in Teacher Recruitment and Retention in the No Child Left Behind Era Fast Facts
Vol.4 No.11 Closing the Achievement Gap Series: Part III What is the Impact of NCLB on the Inclusion of Students with Disabilities?  
Vol.4 No.10 Disclipline, Disability, and Race: Disproportionality In Indiana Schools  
Vol.4 No.9 Local Equity Action Development (LEAD)  
Vol.4 No.8 Closing the Achievement Gap Series: Part II Response to Intervention (RTI) – Basic Elements, Practical Applications, and Policy Recommendations?  
Vol.4 No.7 Closing the Achievement Gap Series: Part I Is Indiana Ready for State-Sponsored Prekindergarten Programs?  
Vol.4 No.6 Redesigning High Schools to Prepare Students for the Future: 2006 Update  
Vol.4 No.5 Examining College Remediation Trends in Indiana  
Vol.4 No.4 Educational Technology in Indiana: Is it Worth the Investment?  
Vol.4 No.3 Cyber Charter Schools in Indiana: Policy Implications of the Current Statutory Language  
Vol.4 No.2 Enriching the High School Curriculum Through Postsecondary Credit-Based Transition Programs  
Vol.4 No.1 Are Indiana’s Public Schools in Need of Education Deregulation?  


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Vol.3 No.7 Homeschooling in Indiana: A Closer Look  
Vol.3 No.6 No Child Left Behind Spring 2005 Implementation Update  
Vol.3 No.5 Rewarding Teachers for Students' Performance: Improving Teaching through Alternative Teacher Compensation Programs  
Vol.3 No.4 Short-Lived Gains or Enduring Benefits? The Long-Term Impact of Full-Day Kindergarten  
Vol.3 No.3 ISTEPing in the Right Direction? An Analysis of Fall versus Spring Testing - 2005 Update  
Vol.3 No.2 Demystifying School Funding in Indiana  
Vol.3 No.1 Child Obesity in Indiana: A Growing Public Policy Concern  


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Vol.2 No.6 Redesigning High Schools to Prepare Students for the Future  
Vol.2 No.5 Charter Revocations: Legal Considerations Concerning Procedure.  
Vol.2 No.4 Children Left Behind: Series Summary and Recommendations  
Vol.2 No.3 Discipline is Always Teaching: Effective Alternatives to Zero Tolerance in Indiana Schools  
Vol.2 No.2 Unplanned Outcomes: Suspensions and Expulsions in Indiana  
Vol.2 No.1 Zero Tolerance: The Assumptions and the Facts  


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Vol.1 No.6 Title IX and Women’s Athletic Opportunities in Indiana Colleges and Universities  
Vol.1 No.5 Bullying in Schools: What Is It and What Can Be Done About It?  
Vol.1 No.4 Highly Qualified Teachers in Indiana  
Vol.1 No.3 ISTEPing in the Right Direction? An Analysis of Fall versus Spring Test­ing  
Vol.1 No.2 The Four-Day School Week
Moving to a 4-day week: How much is saved?
Vol.1 No.1 Analysis of Indiana’s Efforts to Improve Student Literacy, 1997-2002