Center for Excellence in Health and Life Sciences

A Division of the Office of the Vice President for International Affairs


Liberia is gradually recovering from 14-years of civil conflict that killed an estimated 270,000 and displaced hundreds of thousands more of its citizens. During the conflict (1989-2003), Liberian standards of health and well-being declined dramatically and remain substandard to this day.

As the nation develops, the overall goal in health is to expand access to effective basic services that focus on six national health priorities: maternal and newborn health, child health, reproductive and adolescent health, communicable disease control, mental health and emergency care. The 2011 Situational Analysis Report for Liberia outlines progress made in these areas and analyzes what is still needed to establish a long-term vision, policy and plan framework.

A key component in this framework is the human resource capacity in the health services field. Currently, there is a scarcity of qualified professionals which undermines efforts to improve conditions. The Center for Excellence in Health and Life Sciences will address this shortage by improving University of Liberia’s ability to train health service professionals.

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