Center for Excellence in Health and Life Sciences

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Dogliotti Medical School

On her visit in September 2012, Dr. Anne Gilroy was able to reestablish the Cadaver Dissection Program. Under her supervision, she guided students and faculty through the Anatomy content, supplementing topics in a dissection lab. Upon her return, Dr. Gilroy will upload instructional material to the UMMS website in order for faculty and students to supplement course content.

Dr. Harmon Hines also visited for two-weeks in January 2012 to lecture in Anatomy. In her lectures, she emphasized the clinical relevance to the material and allowed students to engage freely in discussion.

To support the updated and revised curriculum, CEHLS has arranged for the shipment of over 7,000 medical textbooks (in addition to over 20,000 Life Science and nursing texts). James Comes, Elaine Martin, and Andrew Creamer, all UMMS Medial Librarians, have been collaborating with UL medical library faculty to catalogue the texts as well as to provide training.

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