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Faculty :: Rahman A. Arman, MD

Picture of Rahman Arman

Afghan Languages developer, Center for Languages of the Central Asian Region (CeLCAR)
Office: Eigenmann Hall 715
Phone: (812) 856-0935


-ACTFL/ILR Certified, 2010
-Indiana University Distance Education Certification, 2009
-M.D. Herat University Medical Faculty School of Medicine, Herat -Afghanistan, 2005
-B.S. in Bio-Chemistry, Herat University Medical Faculty School of Medicine, AF, 1997

    Current Positions:
  • Lecturer, Central Eurasian Studies and SWSEEL The Summer Language Workshop
  • Advisor, Afghan Students Association, Indiana University
  • Afghan Languages Tester, ACTFAL/ILR
  • Afghan Languages Expert and Reviewer, Avant Assessment

    Publication and Presentation Highlights:
  • Published Dari & Pashto textbooks for the PRT, ADT, ETT Projects at CeLCAR.
  • Developing Dari academic textbook for academic classes (all three levels).
  • Reviewed and proofread the Introductory and Intermediate Pashto textbooks.
  • Published a survival phrasebook in Dari and Pashto.
  • Created an electronic writing tutorial DVD.
  • Reviewed and proofread all Language Material for Avant Assessment.
  • Translate, edit, revise and adjust both Dari and Pashto material for Academy for Educational Development (AED)/Higher Education Portal (HEP)-USAID web page.
  • Published Pashto poems in Narenj-gul a local Pashto web site for Afghan writers publications.
  • Edit and wrote medical articles for Royesh (Sport and Health) Magazine in Afghanistan.
  • Afghan society & concerns about the health and medical facilities, presented to PRT, ADT and ETT at Indiana University.
  • Afghan Gestures, presented to PRT, ADT and ETT at Indiana University.
  • Pashtunwali, presented to Illinois National Guard at Illinois University.
  • Religions in Afghanistan, presented to PRT, ADT and ETT at Indiana University.
  • Tribal and languages conflict in Afghanistan, presented to PRT, ADT and ETT at Indiana Universit.

    Achievements/Awards 2005-Current:
  • PRT Exceptional Language Instructor Award
  • ETT Appreciation Award/ Exceptional Language Instruction Award
  • ADT Exceptional Language Instruction Award
  • UN-Habitat Certification for Public Health Awareness

  • AED/HEP Pashto/Dari translator & Editor
  • Certified Long Distance Education
  • Medical Doctor
  • Clinic Director
  • Public Health Advocator & Magazine Writer
  • Assistant director of Health Magazine and Pashtu Editor
  • Bloomington Hospital-Ortho-Neuro Department Volunteer

Short Biography:
Dr. Rahman Arman is originally from Afghanistan. He grew up speaking and studying Afghan Languages (Pashto and Dari). In 2005, Rahman graduated Faculty Medical School of Herat University and received his M.D. as a general practitioner. He has also worked for the USAID Afghanistan and Herat Hospital as a medical doctor.

Rahman joined CeLCAR in October 2007 as a Pashto material developer and soon started teaching Advance Pashto classes for CEUS. Rahman has many years of experience developing Pashto and Dari material. For the past few years, Rahman has also been working as the lead instructor and coordinator for Afghan Languages and Cultures Seminars for the members of Embedded Training Teams (ETTs), Agricultural Development Teams (ADTs), and Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRTs). He has published Dari and Pashto textbooks for intensive seminars.