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Staff :: Jonathan Washington, PhD

Picture of Begaim Adilkhanova

Kazakh Language Developer, Center for Languages of the Central Asian Region (CeLCAR)
Office: Eigenmann Hall


- Ph.D. student, Indiana University, 2016
  Majors: Linguistics, Central Eurasian Studies
- M.A., Indiana University, January, 2012
  Major: Central Eurasian Studies
- M.A., University of Washington, August, 2010
  Major: Linguistics, Minor: Near Eastern Languages & Civilization
- B.A., Brandeis University, May, 2005
  Majors: Linguistics (High Honors), Anthropology
  Minors: Computer Science, Near Eastern and Judaic Studies

Research Interests:
The focus of Jonathan's work is Turkic languages, especially Kazakh and Kyrgyz. His research interests include phonological theory, phonetics, historical and socio-historical linguistics, and language description and documentation. He also works on computational models of Turkic phonology and morphology, and my Masters thesis examined sonority-based unfaithfulness across syllable boundaries in Turkic languages.

Short Biography:
Jonathan Washington is a Ph.D. student in Linguistics and Central Eurasian Studies.  Turkic linguist specialising in Kazakh and Kyrgyz; focus of research is phonetics, phonology, and historical linguistics, as well as computational resources for Turkic languages..