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Staff :: Mustafa Aksu

Picture of Mustaffa Aksu

Uyghur Language Developer, Center for Languages of the Central Asian Region (CeLCAR)
Address: Eigenmann Hall 715, Bloomington IN 47406

Education History
Graduate Student in Central Eurasian Studies with a focus on Linguistics, Indiana University
Department of Linguistics and Oriental Languages, San Diego State University, CA (2015)
MBA in General Management and Marketing Management, Yeditepe University, Istanbul (2011)
Full Scholarship Recipient
BA in Language, Culture and Literature, Tianjian Foreign Studies University of China (2008)
Merit Scholarship Recipient

Research Interests
Turkic Languages, Uyghur Phonology, Acoustic Phonetics, Phonological Characteristics of Uyghur Language among Uyghur Diaspora in USA/Uzbekistan/Kazakhstan/Turkey; Phonological Assessment of Monolingual and Multilingual Uyghur Community; Language Contact, Languages of Xinjiang, Minority Languages, Slang, Language Materials Development, Language Documentation, Machine Translation

Uyghur (native) Turkish (native) Chinese (native)
English (advanced) Uzbek (advanced)
Azerbaijani (intermediate)
Spanish (elementary)Persian (elementary) Mongolian (elementary)
Chaghatay (reading)
Ottoman Turkish (reading)
Classical Chinese (reading)

Teaching Experience
Uyghur Language Developer, Center for the Languages of the Central Asian Region, Indiana University, Bloomington
Uyghur Language Instructor, Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Turkey
Chinese Language Instructor, ASFA College, Istanbul, Turkey
Language Instructor, Interpreter and Translator, MRM Deri, Istanbul, Turkey
Freelance Language Instructor, Interpreter and Translator, Beijing and Tianjian, China