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About CeLTIE
  • Mission Statement
    The Center for Language Technology and Instructional Enrichment (CeLTIE), which oversees the Language and Computer Labs, aims at providing leadership and technological expertise to support excellence in language teaching, learning, and research at Indiana University.  Through strategic implementation of technology and professional development, CeLTIE strives to create a cutting edge language educational environment in fostering faculty collaboration, improving research, and instructional capabilities with innovative tools and pedagogy.
  • More specifically, CeLTIE has five principal missions:
    • Provide world class technology for foreign/second language education
    • Support language faculty and associate instructors in pursuing excellence in teaching
    • Promote world language learning and foster collaboration among individuals who utilize the languages in their studies, teaching, or research
    • Support language faculty, associate instructors, and graduate students in developing new pedagogical knowledge
    • Assist language faculty and associate instructors in applying the new knowledge to improving the instruction on campus and beyond
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