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Language & Computer Laboratories
Purchasing Recording Materials
Audio recordings produced at Indiana University
  • Recordings are usually available for purchase. 
  • Others may also be available, but we have less information about them, or the companion books are
    either out of print or were never published.
  • Ordering information is not available for all recordings.
Other recordings listed in our catalog
  • Recordings which were not produced here, cannot be sold by us without written permission
    from the copyright holders.
Other sources for audio materials
  • Recordings of  languages commonly taught in the U.S., spoken at travel destinations or by
    speakers who have immigrated to this country are often available at your local bookstore.
  • Foreign language recordings are more readily available from "regular" publishers today than in past years.
  • The source for any recording in our collection can usually be found, but many are no longer available.
For more information, please email or phone 855-8383
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