Indiana University Bloomington  
College of Arts and Sciences Intensive English Program Department of Second Language Studies  


Please note the IEP cannot issue refunds.

Estimated Expenses for One 7-week Session

IEP Expenses (1 session)Amount:
Tuition $ 2,365.00*
IU International Student Fee $ 45.00
Room & Board (Estimated) $ 1,950.00
Health/Medical Insurance (see Note) $ 220.00
TB Test (See Note 2) $ 65.00
Miscellaneous (Books, other expenses) $ 390.00
TOTAL EXPENSES (one session): $ 5035.00*
*Beginning with the Summer 1, 2016 session, tuition will change to $2,400.00.

Note: All students are required to have medical (health) insurance. The $220.00 amount listed above is only an average – with holidays and vacation breaks, coverage dates vary for each session and costs change according to the number of days a student is covered.

Note 2: This cost estimate includes the $65 TB Test fee. All international students are required to be tested by QFT (Quantiferon) blood test for tuberculosis (TB). Students who subscribe to IU Student Health Insurance through AETNA will have this charge reimbursed. For more information about the TB Test requirement at IU, please see the International Services website at

* Dependents: A married student must estimate an extra $1,130 per session ($6,800 per year) to bring a spouse or dependent, plus an additional $640 per session ($3,850 per year) for each additional child or dependent.