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There are seven levels in the IEP. All levels meet for 20-25 classroom hours each week. After completing Level 6 or 7, most students are ready to begin academic work at a college or a university.

Levels 1-3 (Typical weekly schedule)
Levels 1-3 Beginning through low intermediate students take classes with specific attention to oral communication, reading and writing, as well as some direct attention to grammar, using a wide range of resources.

Level 4 (Typical weekly schedule)
Level 4 Intermediate students take classes that emphasize academic preparation in a combined reading/writing course, an oral communication course, and a grammar course. In addition, Level 4 students take a class in extensive reading.

Levels 5-7 (Typical weekly schedule)
Levels 5-6 High intermediate students attend a required core set of classes which are a reading-writing course, an oral communication course, and a grammar course. Students in Level 6 can choose an optional skill-based or content-based elective class.

Level 7 Advanced students attend a required core reading-writing course and then choose two or three additional skill or content elective courses. This level is designed to be repeated by students who are advanced but require further language study for their intended majors. Topics are changed every session.

Elective Course examples:

Skill-based Content-based
Advanced Grammar
Advanced Pronunciation
Advanced Research Writing 
TOEFL Preparation

  American Film topics
  Current Events
  Pre-history of Indiana
  Food History & Culture