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Kazakh Language at Indiana University

Why study Kazakh at Indiana University?

Kazakhstan is a strategically situated country sandwiched in between Russia and China. Americans may not know much about Kazakhstan, but it’s the ninth largest country in the world: four times the size of Texas and with a lot more oil!

Kazakh riderWhy is Kazakhstan important to the United States?

Kazakhstan is important for its size, location, and most of all, its vast deposits of oil and natural gas. American companies are trying to deliver these resources to world markets. It’s also important for issues like international terrorism, controlling drug trafficking, and stopping nuclear proliferation.

Who are the Kazakhs and what is Kazakhstan like?

If you saw the movie “Borat,” forget it! It has nothing to do with Kazakhs or Kazakhstan. But the movie “Mongol” was shot in Kazakhstan and highlights the nomad herding heritage Kazakhs share with the infamous Mongols. Soviet rule transformed the life of the Muslim Kazakhs, bringing education and literacy, but also lots of Russians. Now an independent county, it just moved its capital to the very modern city of Astana. The country is changing constantly, becoming more modern but also more Kazakh every day. Find out more about Kazakhstan here.

So Why Study Kazakh?

Even before it became independent in 1991, Kazakhs made their own language, Kazakh, the official one, replacing Russian. It was always spoken in the countryside, but now it’s pushing out Russian on the city streets. Knowing Kazakh opens up the rich history and culture of Kazakhs. Kazakh skills are a powerful means to gain confidence and respect of Kazakhs. Foreigners who know their language are honored guests!

Knowing Kazakh can give you an edge in applying for graduate fellowships at the State Department, the CIA, and the FBI, not to mention international business and law opportunities. Kazakhstan

If you are an IU student, you have a unique opportunity to learn Kazakh – we have the country’s best Kazakh program, with three levels: Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced. IU even offers intensive Kazakh courses in the summer, so you can finish your language requirement in just twelve months. Funding is available for summer school too. And with two years of Kazakh you’re only a few credits away from a minor in Central Eurasian Studies! 

Take advantage of this unique opportunity!

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