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Pashto Language at Indiana University


Seize This Unique Opportunity – Learn Pashto!


You’ve heard about them in the news and in movies like Charlie Wilson’s War, the Pashtuns: a brave and proud people who defeated both the British and Soviet invaders.

Bike masterToday, Pashto, the language of the Pashtuns, is spoken by almost half the population of Afghanistan and along Pakistan’s Northwest frontier. Still key players in Central Asia, they are vital for American policy and global security in Afghanistan and Pakistan. With emigres in India, Europe, and America, over 40 million people speak Pashto worldwide. 

No other university in America teaches so many years of Pashto! Classroom activities use the textbook and authentic teaching materials developed at Indiana University, including reading passages, audio files, pictures, and viPashtun familydeo clips.  As you study Pashto with us, you will quickly learn to read and write Arabic-Pashto script,and speak in Pashto withyour classmates and with native speakers.

Learning Pashto is only for the adventurous! But those who do will be fast-tracked to jobs and funded internships in government, the military, and non-profits in Afghanistan and Pakistan or to researching the language, culture and history of Pashtuns living either in the region or abroad.

Special Funding is available from the ROTC Strategic Languages and Cultures Program!

Take advantage of this unique opportunity!

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