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PergamonWith its sparkling sandy beaches and stunning mountain passes, Turkey is the home of adventures and activities for the curious traveler. The only Middle Eastern language that uses the Latin script, Turkish has 80 million speakers worldwide.  Learn more about Turkey here.

Turkish is not just spoken in Turkey.  Turks still live in Bulgaria, Greece and other lands of the fabled Ottoman Empire.  Turkish migrants have created vibrant city districts in Germany.  Berlin is the second largest Turkish populated city in the world. The Turks and their language originated in Central Asia.  To this day, simple Turkish can be easily understood throughout Central Asia.

alt="MosqueTurkish has run through many scripts. First was Sogdian, then Arabic – with hardly any vowels! Fortunately today, after the great reformer Atatürk’s changes, Turks use the Latin script. It is pronounced just as it sounds.  Turkish is an agglutinative language which has cases, but no pesky gender changes or complex grammatical combinations – just tack on the endings you need, one after another.

Turkey is an exciting mélange of cultures.  It is the home of Saint Nicholas, Noah’s Ark, tulips, Turkish carpets, Turkish coffee, angora cats, Turkish delight, yogurt, marbleized paper, and many other splendors of civilization. 

One of the few countries in the world where major religions have intermingled for centuries, the modern country of Turkey inherited the Ottoman Empire which controlled the most of the Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Europe.Istanbul

Turkish is one of the ten languages on the critical language list for the US State Department. Turkish is a major player in the technology field as well. Companies like Google, YouTube, MySpace, and major gaming companies all need Turkish speakers.  Learn more about the Turkish classes at IU here: Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Without so many available learners compared to boring languages like French and Spanish, Turkish speakers are in high demand! Join them today!              

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