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CEUS Welcomes New Faculty Member: Marianne Kamp


The Department of Central Eurasian Studies is delighted to welcome Professor Marianne Kamp, who comes to us from the University of Wyoming, as an Associate Professor, specializing in Central Asian Studies. This semester she is teaching two joint undergraduate/graduate classes: Politics and Society in Central Asia as well as Labor and Migration in Central Asia.

Professor Kamp received her Ph.D from the University of Chicago in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations in 1998.  She is the author of The New Woman in Uzbekistan: Islam, Modernity and Unveiling Under Communism (University of Washington Press, 2006), for which she received the Central Eurasian Studies Book Award in 2007.  She recently co-authored (with Mariana Markova) Muslim Women of the Fergana Valley: The Colonial Ethnography of Vladimir and Maria Nalivkin (Indiana University Press, 2016) and has a new MS on oral histories of collectivization in Uzbekistan. She has also published numerous articles and chapters on women’s history, gender studies, and the impact of collectivization in Uzbekistan and Central Asia, among other topics.

For further information on Professor Kamp please see her faculty profile on this website.


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