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Central Eurasian Studies

Gardner Bovingdon

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Associate Professor, Central Eurasian Studies
Director of Graduate Studies, Central Eurasian Studies
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Political Science
Assistant Professor, East Asian Languages and Cultures 

Office: School of Global & International Studies 3025
Phone: (812) 856-0230



PhD, Cornell University, 2002


Current Doctoral Students

  • Bill Mankins

Research Interests

  • Politics in contemporary Xinjiang
  • History of modern Xinjiang
  • Historiography in China
  • Nationalism and ethnic conflict

Publication Highlights

The Uyghurs: Strangers in Their Own Land.  Columbia University Press (2010).

“Politics in Modern Xinjiang,” in Introduction to the Politics of China, ed. William Joseph.  (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010), 336-354.

“CCP Policies and Popular Responses in Xinjiang, 1949 to the present,” in Governing China’s Multiethnic Frontiers, ed. Morris Rossabi (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2004), 117-54.

"Contested Histories" (with Nabijan Tursun). In Xinjiang: China's Muslim Frontier, edited by S. Frederick Starr (Armonk: M.E. Sharpe, 2004), 353-74.

"Autonomy in Xinjiang: Han Nationalist Imperatives and Uyghur Discontent," Policy Studies 11(Washington: East-West Center, 2004).  (64 pages)

"Contested Histories," (with Nabijan Tursun) in Xinjiang:  China's Muslim Frontier, edited by S. Frederick Starr, (Armonk:  M.E.  Sharpe, 2004) 353-74.

"The Not-So-Silent Majority:  Uyghur Resistance to Han Rule in Xinjiang," Modern China 28, no. 1 (2002):  pp. 39-78.

"The History of the History of Xinjiang," Twentieth Century China 26, no 1 (2001) pp. 95-139.


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