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Central Eurasian Studies

Elliot Sperling

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Associate Professor, Central Eurasian Studies

Office: School of Global & International Studies 3014
Phone: (812) 855-7344

B.A. at Queens College, 1973
M.A. at Indiana University, 1980 
Ph.D. in Central Eurasian Studies at Indiana University, 1983


Current Doctoral Students

Research Interests

Tibetan history and Sino-Tibetan relations

Courses Recently Taught

Publication Highlights

"Notes on the Early History of Gro-tshang Rdo-rje-'change and Its Relations with the Ming Court," Lungta, (2000)

"Tibet," in John Block Friedman and Kristen Mossler Figg, eds., Medieval Trade, Travel, and Explorations:  An Encyclopedia, (New York, 2000)

"Exile and Dissent:  The Historical and Cultural Context," in Tibet Since 1950, (New York, 2000)

"Awe and Submission:  A Tibetan Aristocrat at the Court of Qianlong," International Review of History, vol 20, (1998)

"«Orientalismus» und Aspekte der gewalte in der tibetischen Tradition," in Thierry Dodin and Heinze Räther, eds., Mythos Tibet, (Bonn, 1997)

"Tibétains, Mongols et Mandchous," in Françoise Pommaret, eds., Lhasa lieu du divin, (Geneva, 1997)

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