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Central Eurasian Studies

Roman Zlotin

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Professor,Department of Geography
Senior Lecturer, Department of Central Eurasian Studies

Office: Student Building 203
Phone: (812) 855-7956

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D., Biogeography and Soil Geography, USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow. 1970

Research Interests

  • Animal, plant, ecosystem and soil geography
  • Structure, function and dynamics of terrestrial biodiversity
  • Plant-animal interactions. Global and regional patterns of organic matter production and decomposition
  • Human-induced degradation of environment
  • Biodiversity and public health.

Current Projects

  • Spatial scaling in dynamics of primary production in woodland ecosystems of the Southwest
  • Environmental causes of cycles of fruit production in savannas of the Southwest
  • Understanding the role of UV-B radiation in degradation of organic matter in arid ecosystems

Representative Publications

  • Zlotin, R.I., and Parmenter, R.R. (2002). Dynamics of Juniper, Pinyon and Oak Mast Production in Woodland Ecosystems of Central New Mexico. Abstracts of Annual ESA Meeting. Arizona. 457.
  • Zlotin R.I. (2002): Biodiversity and productivity of ecosystems. In: Shagedanova M.(ed.). Physical Geography of Northern Eurasia. Cambrige University Publ., 44 pp.
  • Zlotin, R.I., and Parmenter, R.R. (2000). Spatial Distribution and Dynamics of Mast Production in the Arid Woodland Ecosystems of Central New Mexico. Abstracts of Annual ESA Meeting. Utah.
  • Zlotin R.I. (1997): Geography and organization of high mountain ecosystems in the former USSR. In: Wielgolaski F.E.(ed.). Ecosystems of the World 3. Polar and Alpine Tundra. Elsevier Publ. 133-159.
  • Feshbach M, and Zlotin R.I. (1995): Environmental catastrophe in the former Soviet Union. Environ. Review. Vol.2, No 9. 1-8.
  • Goryachkin S.V., Zlotin R.I., and Tertitsky G.M. (1994): Diversity of natural ecosystems in the Russian Arctic. Reprocentralen Publ. Lund University. 105 pp.


  • Ecological Society of America
  • Soil Ecology Society of America
  • Past Member of Scientific Steering Committee of the Core Project "Global Change and Terrstrial Ecosystems" of IGBP "Global Change"
  • Past Chair of Biogeography Department of Institute of Geography of Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Member of Working Group on Protected Territories of International Union for the Conservation of Nature (Switzerland)


Department of Central Eurasian Studies
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