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Central Eurasian Studies

Zeynep Elbasan

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Lecturer, Central Eurasian Studies

Office: Hamilton Lugar School of Global & International Studies, 3020
Phone: (812) 855-5022
E-mail: zelbasan@indiana.edu


B.A., Istanbul University, 2007
Exchange Year: University of London, SOAS, 2004-2006.
M.A., Indiana University, 2014
Ph.D., Indiana University, Present

Research Interests:

Turkish language and literature, comparative literature, teaching Turkish as a foreign language, Ottoman Turkish, foreign language assessment

Courses Taught

Introductory Turkish I-II
Intermediate Turkish I-II
Intensive Intermediate Turkish I-II
Advanced Turkish I-II
Ottoman Turkish
Contemporary Turkey
Modern Turkish Literature in Translation

Selected Appointments and Employment

Overseas Curriculum Advisor, Turkish Flagship Program
Tutor Coordinator, Turkish Flagship Program
Instructor for Intensive Intermediate Turkish, IU Summer Language Workshop
Associate Instructor, Indiana University
Final Selection Panelist, Critical Language Scholarship Program (CLS)
Item Developer, American Councils for International Education
Language Test Item Reviewer, Lidget Green INC. / Defense Language Institute
Editor, Adaptive Technology and Accessibility Center


  • Claflin University, 2017
    Lecture on Turkish History and Culture for the faculty.
    Conducted a workshop on Orhan Pamuk and World Literature
  • Middle East Studies Association (MESA) Conference, 2016
    “From Trabzon to Constantinople: Molla Sheikhzade Yahya Efendi’s Convoluted Route to the Top as an Ottoman Sufi Master in the 16th Century”
  • Inner Asian and Uralic National Resource Center, 2016
    Brown Bag Talk - “16th Century Ottoman Empire and Sufism”
  • American Association of Teachers of Turkic Languages (AATT), 2015
    "Feminine Voices within Masculine Boundaries: A Comparison of the Female Poets of Amasya and the Women Troubadours of Occitania”
  • IU Foreign & Second Language Share Fair, 2015
    “Ask Me About Me”
  • 2nd International Congress on Turkish Culture, 2015
    “Implementing the ‘Deep Approach to Turkish Teaching and Learning’ at Indiana University”
  • IU Foreign & Second Language Share Fair, 2015
    “Playing ‘Categories’ in Turkish: Vocab and Culture Building”
  • Medieval Studies Institute (MEST) Symposium, 2015
    "The Role of Performance in Constructing Identity in the East and the West: The Case of the Narratives of Koroglu and The Knight with the Lion (Yvain)"
  • The Association of Central Eurasian Students (ACES) Conference, 2015
    “Sultan Süleyman’s Shrine Visitations during His 16th Century Reign”
  • Turkish Language Flagship Center, 2014
    “A Journey from 16th Century Ottoman Poetry to Contemporary Turkish Literature: Reflections and Intersections”
  • Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS) Conference, 2012
    “An Orthodox Christian Bridging the Boundaries of Mavlana’s Thought: Yaman Dede’s Middle Path between Christianity and Islam”
  • The Association of Central Eurasian Students (ACES) Conference, 2012
    “A Multidimensional Understanding of the Relation between the Poet and Patron in Ottoman Empire”
  • The Association of Central Eurasian Students (ACES) Conference, 2011
    “Locating the Concept of World Literature: Orhan Pamuk and His City Istanbul as a Case Study”
  • The Turks and Islam International Conference, 2010
    “An Analysis of the Legendary Figure Sarı Saltuk in Evliya Çelebi’s and Ibn Battuta’s travel accounts”
  • The Association of Central Eurasian Students (ACES) Conference, 2010
    “Distinct Perceptions of Turkish-ness: A Comparison of Different Versions of Turkish-ness in Recent Europe-based Films”

Honors and Awards

2016 Middle East Studies Association (MESA) Travel Grant
2016 Medieval Studies Association Travel Award  
2016 Language Flagship Workshop Grant         
2015 American Association of Turkic Teachers Conference Travel Award
2015 Central Eurasian Studies Graduate Student Travel Award
2005 European Union Erasmus Program Full Scholarship
2003 Turkish Council of Higher Education, Turkey, Full Fee Scholarship


Turkish (native) 
Ottoman (advanced) 
Persian (advanced)
German (reading proficiency)
French (reading proficiency)

Department of Central Eurasian Studies
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