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Central Eurasian Studies

Seema Golestaneh

Assistant Professor, Central Eurasian Studies 

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Office: School of Global & International Studies 3009
Phone: (812) 856-0167

PhD, Columbia University, 2014

Situated at the nexus of anthropology and religious studies, my research analyzes experiences of the metaphysical in post-revolutionary Iran. Broadly speaking, I am engaged with discourses of knowledge production, systems of governance, anthropologies of the imagination, literary cultures and the intersections of aesthetics and anthropology.

My current book project, Unknowing and the Everyday, examines the social and material life of gnosis for the contemporary Sufi community in post-revolutionary Iran. In contrast to literatures which confine mysticism to the literary and poetic realms, I investigate the ways in which gnosis is re-configured as a series of techniques for navigating the realm of the everyday. My project also relies heavily on textual ethnography and analysis, emphasizing the importance of the hermeneutic imagination within the social arena.
I have also begin work on a second project which investigates the metaphysical underpinnings of bureaucracy. Two questions guide this investigation: 1) how encounters and experiences with bureaucratic forms of governances illicit appeals to the divine, and 2) the similarities between formulations of authority within metaphysical and bureaucratic systems.

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