School of Global and International Studies

Central Eurasian Studies

Péter Krekó

Hungarian Fulbright Visiting Professor, Central Eurasian Studies 
Faculty Member, Russian and East European Institute

Office: School of Gobal and International Studies 3039
Phone: (812) 856-4729


Ph.D., ELTE University, Budapest (2014)
M.A. in Pyschology (2004) and Political Science (2008) at ELTE University

Other Affiliations

Director, Political Capital Institute (2011-2016) Currently: Senior Affiliate
Associate Professor, Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences (2014-Present)
Co-chair, EU Radicalisation Awareness Network (2013-2015)
Member, Hungarian Political Science Association, Presidency

Research Interests

  • Russian soft power in Europe
  • Populism and extremism in Europe
  • The social psychology of conspiracy theories and political violence
  • Politics of East Central Europe

Publication Highlights

“Krekó, P.; Mayer, G. (2015). Transforming Hungary-together? An analysis of the Fidesz–Jobbik relationship. In Minkenberg, M. (Ed.): Transforming the Transformation? The East European Radical Right in the Political Process. London: Routledge. pp- 188-206.

Krekó, P. (2015). Conspiracy Theory as Collective Motivated Cognition. In Bilewicz, M.; Cichocka, A.; Soral, W. (Eds): The Psychology of Conspiracy. Routledge, London. 60-67.

Krekó, P. (2015). Conspiracy Theory as Collective Motivated Cognition. In Bilewicz, M.; Cichocka, A.; Soral, W. (Eds): The Psychology of Conspiracy. Routledge, London. 60-67

Krekó, P.; Győri, L; Juhász, A. (2015). Russia’s far-right friends in Europe. Russian Analytical Digest, 167, pp. 5-23.

Orenstein, M.; Krekó, P.; Juhasz, A. (2015).The Hungarian Putin? Viktor Orban and the Kremlin's Playbook. Foreign Affairs, 8 February.

Krekó, P.; Juhász, A. (2015). Scaling the Wall. Hungary's Migration, Foreign Affairs, July 30.

Orenstein, M.; Krekó, P. (2014). A Russian Spy in Brussels? The case of KGBéla — and what it means for Europe. Foreign Affairs, 29 May.

Bartlett, J.; Birdwell, J.; Krekó, P.; Beanfield, J.; Győri, G. (2012). Populism in Europe: Hungary. Demos Publishing, London.

Bartlett, J.; Krekó, P.; Hunyadi, B. (2013). New political actors in Europe: New opposition movements in Hungary. Demos Publishing, London.

Juhasz, A.; Győri, L.; Krekó, P; Dezső, A. (2015). I am Eurasian- the Kremlin Connections of the Hungarian Far-Right. Political Capital-Social Development Institute. 

Krekó, P. (2013). Back to the roots: Are anti-Semites Still Authoritarians? Journal for Study on Antisemitism, 4/2; pp. 495-513.


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