Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies

Central Eurasian Studies

MA Degrees Awarded to Program Majors

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NOTE: Students who wrote theses for MA's at other institutions were not required to write theses for CEUS so are not listed below.

Emily Stranger June 2019 Foreign Legions and Fire Ant Warfare: Iran's Strategy for Middle Eastern Hegemony
Brendan Devine June 2019 On the Significance of Titles: Chinese Titles in Mongolian Society from the Fifteenth-Sixteenth Century
Ezgi Benli Garcia Guerrero May 2019 Modern Turkish Alevi Poetry: Symbol of Kemal Ataturk and Secularism
Joseph Shepard May 2019 Reconciling feminism and Islam: otincha Muslim women leaders and the Qur'anic reinterpretation of Asma Barlas and Amina Wadud
Hayley Pangle May 2019 Culturedness in Tajikistan: The Tarbiyat Field of Discourse
Jonathan McClure May 2019 Getting Married in Fitrat's Oila: A Historical Perspective
Imren Turner April 2019 Development of the Public Libraries in Turkey
Mustafa Durmaz December 2018 An in-Depth Phonological Analysis of Soft in the Sanliurfa Dialect of Turkish: A True Consonant
Zackary Slykhouse October 2018 From the Steppe to Astana: The Development of Kazakh Nationalism
Zong Zhang July 2018 Islam Between Northwest China and Central Asia, 1530-1673: A Brief Survey
Julian Kreidl May 2018 Archaisms and Innovations in Pashto Dialects
Nathan Montgomery August 2017 Gathering Pearls of Desert Dew: Sufi Perspectives on the History of Sino-Islam
Marissa Smit June 2017 Exiles and Educators: Turkish-Language Schools and Minority-State Relations in the Muslim Communities of Western Thrace Greece, 1923-1936
Andrew Archey June 2017 Ottoman Coffeehouses and "The Early Modern"
Joseph Cleveland March 2017 Innovated Communities: Ethnography, Geography & The Emergence of the Mongolian Geo-Body
Alyssa Meyer May 2017 Assessing the Impact of Energy Access on Households in Kyrgyzstan: Government Rhetoric Versus Daily Realities
Kenneth Weber May 2017 From the Ashes: Khomeini's 1979 Role in the Transition to the Islamic Republic of Iran during the Bazargan Era
Keely Bakken December 2016 "'Happy is He Who Calls Himself a Turk': Turkish Propagation of Transnational Identity"
Jiyoung Lee December 2016 The Life of the First Karma-Pa, Dus-Gsum Mkhyen-Pa "The Knower of the Three Times" (1110-1193): An Annotated Translation of His Biography from Zla-Ba Chu-Shel-Gyi Phreng-Ba
Michael Krautkraemer August 2016 All the Works and Days of Hands: An Exploration of Trade Manuals from Xinjiang (Risālah) and a Translation
Melisa Frost August 2016 Bacha, the Odious Affix: The Origins and Consequences of Bacha Bazi
Alexander Zakel July 2016 A Comparative Study of Islamic Website in Uzbekistan
An Xing December 2015 Thesis:  A Study of Inter-Sectional Relations: An Analysis of “Us” and “Them” in Two Mongol-han Joint Schools
Elliott Newton August 2015 Captivity & Conversion: An In-depth Study of Soviet POWS in Afghanistan
Jessica Storey-Nagy July 2015 Contemporary Hungarian Politics and the Voice that Moves the Nation
Amanda Lanzillo July 2015 Persian-language Education and Printing in Awadh and the North-Western Provinces: The Role of the Naval Kishore Press, 1858-1900 CE
Joshua Carney July 2015 Nostalgia for the Present: Struggle for the Contemporary Ottoman in Magnificent Century (Muhteşem Yüzyıl)
Kenneth Linden May 2015 Representations and Memory of the Collectivization Campaigns in the Mongolian People’s Republic, 1929-1960
Heya Na February 2015 Young Mongol Intellectuals during the Manchukuo Era: A Case Study on Erdenitoγtaqu's Early Literature 1931-1945
Jacoba Wells December 2014 Identity Construction and the Iranian Revolution
Zeynep Elbasan June 2014 A Multidimensional Understanding of the Relation between the Poet and the Patron: A Critical Reading of Ta_licali Yahyabey’s Elegy
Aziza Shanazarova February 2014 Laziz Azizzoda and his Turkistanning Uyghanish Tarikhi
Christopher Bond November 2013 The Innate Criminality of a Kazak Writer-Dissident: The Life and Work of Khazhyghumar Shabdanuly
Colin Legerton September 2013 Zordun Sabir’s “Dolan Youths”: A Translation with Commentary
James Quill September 2013 Directing the Past: Soviet Historiography on the Uyghurs During the Sino- Soviet Split
Christopher Sorensen July 2013 Monopolizing Resources and Managing Elites: Avoiding Ethnic Violence in Post-Soviet Central Asia
John Seitz June 2013 Irrigation and Agriculture in the Khanate of Khiva 1768-1914
Sean Singer May 2013 Clock Towers, Blended Modernity, and the Emergence of Ottoman Time
Cody Behles May 2013 The Internet as a Tool in Central Asia: Uses and Impacts
David Straub April 2013 The Ismailis and Kirghiz of the Upper Amu Darya and Pamirs in Afghanistan:  a Micro-History of Delineating International Borders
Nicholas Kontovas December 2012 Lubunca: The Historical Development of Istanbul's Queer Slang and a Social-Functional Approach to Diachronic Processes in Language
Nora Williams December 2012 Collective Action Participants, Nonparticipants, and Observers: Media Use and Student Involvement on April 7, 2010 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Isaac Scarborough November 2012 Being Soviet in the Soviet Union: Categories of Self-Identification amongst Departed Caucasian Populations in Central Asia
Sara Conrad August 2012

Oral Accounts of the Sa Skya ‘Bag Mo, Past and Present Voices on the Terrifying Witches of Sa Skya

Ross Temple June 2012

Conditioning Environments of Old Tibetan Palatalization

Piper O'Sullivan May 2012

Pride and Propaganda: Analysis of Modern Pashto Poetry in Translation, Mid-20th Century to Present

Meghan White February 2012

Shadows of the Civil War:  Perceptions of Democracy in Tajikistan

Jeffrey Eden January 2012

The Survival of “Survivals”:  The History of an Idea East and West

Ulan Bigozhin August 2011

Russian and Kazakh Perceptions of Islam in the Dala Walaytining Gazeti

Michael Hancock August 2011

Historiography of the Bare-footed Flight

Kathryn Ottaway May 2011 Environmentalism in Tibet
Evan Muchmore April 2011 Kazakhstan and the World Bank: Analyzing the Syr Darya Control and Northern Aral Sea Project
Stephanie Kelly December 2010 Millatlar and Maktablar: Uzbeks and Education Reform in the Kyrgyz Republic
Brian Phillips December 2010 Beyond Kinship: The Evolution of Elite Patronage Relationships in Kazakhstan
Roberta Charpentier November 2010

Factors Affecting the Successful Implementation of Script Reform: The Case of Mongolia

Kevin Meskill November 2010 The Nineteenth-Century Ottoman Ihtisab Institution: Enhancing Revenue and the Moral Economy of the Market

Kathryn Johnston

September 2010

The Politics of Wayward Women in Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh

Daniel Beben

August 2010

The Isma ‘Ilis in the Great Game

Jennifer Dubeansky

August 2010

The Writing of Pre-Isamic Bactria: A Review of the Scholarship

Jennifer Johnson

May 2010

The Pazukhin Embassy: A Look at the Political Portrayal of Power between Seventeenth-Century Russia and the Uzbek Khanates

Alice Seddon

December 2009

The Writing of General Lu: Religion and Rule in Khalkha Mongolia at the Turn of the 20th Century

Rosa Trainham

December 2009

Aspects of Allegory in the Story of Âsik Garip and Sah Senem

Rebecca Susan Gordan

December 2009

Measuring the Effectiveness of Squatter Groups in Bishkek, Kyrgyztan

Joseph Lombardo

June 2009

Ottoman Historiography at Odds: The Timar and Çiftlik Systems

Gordon Rice

May 2009

Script Reform in Uzbekistan and The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, 1920-2088

Aaron Platt

May 2009

The Use and Success of Microfinance in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan with Finca as an Example

Mary-Kathryn Oreovicz

May 2009

A Speech to Tibet’s Representatives at the Fifth Meeting of the Sixth NPC Seeking Approval on Discussions

Kamel Ricay Hefley

May 2009

Foreign Direct Investment in Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and the Creation of a Positive Investment Climate

Udaanjargal Chuluunbaatar

May 2009

Köke Teüke

Colm Gallagher

May 2009

Tobacco in Post-Soviet Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

Jackson Kellogg

May 2009

Adbulla Qodiriy's Novel O'tgan Kunlar in its Historical Context

Chad Garcia

March 2009

Partners or Pawns?
Baishing Communities and Their Role in Frontier Relations during the Reign of Altan Khan

Jampa Choephell

December 2008

The Sino-Tibetan Impasse: A Key Document from the Early Negotiations between the Tibetan Government-in-Exile and China

Emilia Bristow

December 2008

Mongolia’s Champions: The MPRP’s Path to Victory in Mongolia’s Democratic Revolution

Miki Morita

December 2008

Study of the Function of Ksitigarbha and the Ten Kings in the Eleventh-Century Xizhou Uighurs’ Conversion to Buddhism

Christina Stigliani

December 2008

Survivors on Screen: Veterans of the ‘Sacred Defense’ in Iranian Cinema

Yasemin Gencer

December 2008

Ibrahim Müteferrika and the Age of the Printed Manuscript

Kimberly Zapfel

August 2008

Land Reform in Kazakhstan: The Impact of Government Policies on Reform Outcomes

David Knighting

August 2008

Ivan Khokhlov: Russian Envoy to the Court of Imām Qulī Khān

Donald Smith

July 2008

Lâle Müldür’s Deers

Christian Larson

May 2008

Official Islam in Central Asia: Continuity and Oscillation in the Religio-Political Relationship

Domonic Potorti

May 2008

Nationalized Tourism Media in Turkey: The Burden of Self-representation

Kristoffer Rees

May 2008

The Role of National Identity in Kyrgyz Politics: Analyzing Kyrgyzstan’s Tulip Revolution

Leland Rogers

March 2008

Činggis Qaġan-u Altan Tobči the Golden Summary of Činggis Qaġan Transcription, Translation and Commentary

Andrew Shimunek

August 2007

Towards a Reconstruction of the Kitan Language, with Notes on Northern Late Middle Chinese Phonology

Gregory Burris

August 2007

Taming the Gray Wolf: Nihal Atsiz, Alparslan Türkes, and the Ideological Transformation of Turkish Ultranationalism

Thomas Bonnenfant

August 2007

Injecting-drug use and HIV/AIDS in Tajikistan: are Needle and Syringe Exchange Programs the Answer to Prevention?

Christian Bleuer

July 2007

Uzbeks Versus the Center: Mobilization as an Ethnic Minority in the Tajikistan and Afghanistan Civil Wars

George Wood

July 2007

The Altai Heroic Poem Katan-koo in its Historical and Cultural Context

Robert Dunbar

May 2007

The Quest for Power: Timurid Succession Struggles in Fifteenth Century Islamic Central Asia

Michael Golden

May 2007

The Changing Face of Folklore, Trends in Folkloristics in the Second Half of the 20th Century

John Morrisroe

October 2006

Post-Soviet Water Management of the Aral Sea Basin

Jane van Tuyl

October 2006

Expressions of Jadidism in Contemporary Uzbek Music: A Comparison of the Lyrical Content of Yulduz Usmanova and the Poetry of Abdulhamid S. Cholpan

Christopher Whitsel

August 2006

Dimensions of Inequality: Community, Household, and Individual Determinants of Educational Participation in Post-Socialist Tajikistan

Christopher Baker

July 2006

Unsettling the Imperial Imagination: Olzhas Suleimenov's Az I Ya

Ryan Eddings

July 2006

Blocking Civil Society: Political Obstacles to Building Social Trust in Uzbekistan

Sarah Kendzior

June 2006

State Propaganda on Islam in Independent Uzbekistan

Luke Potoski

May 2006

The Role of Central Asian Islam in Fostering Conditions for Effective Community-Managed Irrigation Prior to the Russian Conquest, and Potential Role in Current Reform Efforts

Kristie Combs

May 2006

A Study of Merit and Power in Tibetan Thangka Painting

Taryn Firkser

April 2006

Occidentalizing America: Tibetan Views of the West

Karl Schmidt

April 2006

Competing Models of Autocratic Power in Timurid Transoxiana

Don Dines

April 2006

Commissars, Khans, and Shaykhs: Russian Expansion East of the Caspian and Land Acquisition for Peasant Resettlement in Iran’s Gurgan Plain, 1907-14

Benjamin Levey

March 2006

Education in Xinjiang, 1884-1928

Dustin Trowbridge

August 2005

Building a State Language: A Study of Public Administration and Language Policy in Kazakhstan

Dan Orr

July 2005

A Western Turkic Tribe in North China: 800 Years of Identity and their Loyalty to the Rulers of North China

Meghan Mackrell

June 2005

The Role of Information and Communication Technologies in the Democratization of Estonia

Kristina Dy-Liacco

June 2005

The Victorious Karma-pa has come to 'Jang: an Examnination of Naxi Patronage of the Bka'Brgyud-pa in the Fifteenth to Seventeenth Centuries

Owen Witesman

May 2005

Finland, Alcohol, and the EU: An Analysis of Changing Values and Factors in Finnish Alcohol Regulation

Kadir Cakmak

May 2005

Kurdish Case in Turkish Nation Building

Ela Gezen

April 2005

Turkish Minority Writing in Germany 1960-Present

Matthew Caples

April 2005

Et in Hungaria Ego: Trianon, Revisionism and the Journal Magyar Szemle (1927-1944)

Sean Lambert

May 2004

The Unwinnable Peach: The Bourgeois-Democratic Government of Count Mihály Károlyi and the Preservation of Magyar National Unity, November 1, 1918-March 21, 1919.

Tristra Newyear

May 2004

An Outline of Recent History, A translation of the Mongolian Author Buyannemekhü's First Play

James Schelble

May 2004

(Il)Legitimate Debate: The Jewish Question in Hungary

John McKane

March 2004

Ziyorat in Uzbekistan: The Shrine of Sulton

Edward Mandity

August 2003

Transcending Transience: The Duality of Fragmentation in the Poetry of Mihály Vörösmarty and Dezső Kosztolányi

Kerry Cosby

June 2003

The Uzbek Conceptions of Rebellion and Resistance and their Relation to the Uzbek National Movements

Daniel DelRe

May 2003

The impact of East European Socialist-era Economic Interest Groups on Post-socialist Economic Liberalization: A Case Study of Hungary

David Blancuzzi

August 2002

Through a Glass Darkly: Stigmatizatin and Stereotyped Imagery in the Representation of Ottoman History in Soviet Russian Popular Histories

Laura Knudsen

December 2001

The Historical Present Tense in Modern Hungarian Narratives

Ron Sela

August 2001

The Development of Inner Asian Inauguration Ritual

Jay Anderson

June 2001

The Government and Party Systems of Hungary (1990-2000)

William Alan Wheeler

December 2000

Lords of the Mongolian Taiga: An Ethnohistory of the Dukha Reindeer Herders

Kara Brown

December 2000

Learning to Integrate: The Education of Russian-Speakers in Estonia, 1918-2000

Mika Natif

December 2000

Patronage of Art and Architecture under the Timurid Dynasty in Central Asia

James Wilde

August 2000

A Fenyegeto Veszély: Remény, Szorongás és Valóság Miklós Wesselényi and Nationality Issues in 1830-1848 Hungary

Jennifer Petzen

August 2000

Turkish Women Poet-Singers: Negotiation of Gender and Genre

Mariya Niendorf

August 2000

Into the Steam, into the Dream: The Finnish Sauna as a Rite of Passage

Marshall Gilbert

June 2000

History, Memory and the Future on Display: The Turkestan Exhibition of 1890

Thomas Cooper

May 2000

The Borders of Trianon: Blunders and Regrets

Nikolai Sadik-Ogli

May 2000

Don’t Shoot Väinämöinen! Dada and Futurism in Finland, 1912-1932

William King

March 2000

Central Asia and Eurasian Trade in the Early Medieval Period: Towards an Evaluation of the Silk Road

Dicki Chhoyang

December 1999

Tibetan-Medium Higher Education in Qinghai

Charles Bankart

May 1999

Making Way for a New Era: The Downfall of the Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party

James Wilson

December 1998

Sine Spe Libertatis: Slavery in Hungary under the House of Árpád

Daniel Prior

December 1998

The Semetey of Kenje Kara: A Kirghiz Performance on Phonograph with a partial Musical Score and a Compact Disc of the Phonogram

Angela Messel (Lippen)

September 1998

A survey of Turkish Folklore and Folk Medicine as a Preface to Ethnopharmacological Field Work in Turkey

Daniel Watson

September 1998

Motherhood, Church and the "Shield of Christendom": The Marian Nationalism of József Cardinal Mindszenty

Lesley Davis

August 1998

The Hungarian Looks East: Construction of a National Identity

Hande Birkalan

May 1998

Pertev Naili Boratav and his Contributions to Turkish Folklore

Mark Camann

May 1998

Uncovering Hungarian Music of the Ancient Past

Lauran Hartley

May 1998

A Socio-historical Study of the Kingdom of Sde-Dge (Derge, Kham) in the Late Nineteenth Century: Ris-med views of Alliance and Authority

Ramsey Fendall

April 1998

Taranatha’s Dus ‘khor chos ‘byung

Toshiyasu Tsuruhara

March 1998

The Script Reform in the Mongolian People’s Republic, 1921-1946

Yilmaz Bingol

January 1998

Turkish Language Reform: The Turkish Language Society and Evolution of Language Policy in Turkey

Karl Debreczeny

December 1997

Fahai Temple and Tibetan Influence at the Early Ming Court

Eric Lander

August 1997

Lha’u-rta-ra thub-bstan bstan-dar’s "Bod zhi-bas bcings-‘grol ‘byung thabs skor-gyi gros-mthun don-tshan bcu-bdun-la mings-rtags bkod-pa’i sngon-rjes-su": A translation and discussion

Thyra Leslie

September 1996

The Harmonization of Slavic Loanwords in Old Hungarian

Timothy May

August 1996

Chormaqan Noyan: The First Mongol Military Governor in the Middle East

Ruth Deibler

July 1996

Literature and Politics: Mohammad Salih and Political Change in Uzbekistan from 1979 to 1995

Libby Hunter

March 1996

Political Allegory and Historical Plagiarism

John B. Täht

January 1996

Two Officially Acclaimed Estonian Writers of the Soviet Period: Paul Kuusberg and Lilli Promet

Carl Johan Elverskog

December 1995

A Critical Edition of the Tibetan Diamond Sutra with a Study of Buddhist Terminology in Four Mongolian Translations

Tomás Joaquín Hulick

December 1995

Evidence for Multilingual Communication in Thirteenth-century Eurasia: Interpreters and Translators in Diplomatic Contacts between European Envoys and the Mongols, 1237-55

Halim Kara

October 1995

The Political Rehabilitation of Jadid Writers in Uzbekistan in the Glasnost Era and Beyond

Chogkhan Tandhar

August 1995

A Passage to Lta mgur a ma ngos ‘dzin, the Song of View, Recognizing the Mother, the Ultimate Reality

Kimberly Hart

July 1995

Turkish Workers in Western Europe: Between Racism and Culture

Richard Lowery Cooper

August 1995

The Russian Conquest of Central Asia in Soviet Historiography

Jonathan Michael Thurman

May 1995

Irrigated Agriculture and Economic Development in the Ferghana Valley under the Qoqand Khanate

William Dirks

May 1995

Elements of Qazaq Baqsï Chants

Jason Orrill

December 1994

Identity and Ideology in Väinö Linna’s Tuntematon sotilas and Mika Waltari’s sinuhe egyptiläinen

Miyuki Hirayama

November 1994

Uzbek Women: Change in Status and Roles under the Soviet Rule

James Murray White

November 1994

Nicolae Ceau escu and the Hungarian Minority in Romania: 1965-1989

Zsuzsanna Gulacsi

July 1994

Local Material Culture in Uyghur Manichaean Miniatures

Charles Vesei

June 1994

The Image of Admiral Horthy in Historiography

Emilio Carril

June 1994

Re-examining Trianon: Eduard Beneš and the Determination of the Hungarian-Slovak Frontiers

Geoff H. Childs

October 1993

Journey to the Valley (Sbas-yul) of Gnam-sgo Zla-gam: Perspectives on the Tibetan Concept of Himalayan Refuges

Steven Taylor Duke

September 1993

Students and Student Life at Tartu University, 1919-1939: A Microcosm of Change in Interwar Estonia

Edit Jakab

August 1993

The Syntax of the Mosha Lative Cases in Contrast with their Hungarian Counterparts based on H. Passonen's Text Collections

Alexander Archaro

August 1993

Estonian-Soviet Diplomatic Relations, 1926-1933

William A. Wood

June 1993

A Collection of Tarkhan Yarliqs from the Khanate of Khiva

Carolyn Shields

May 1993

Lha-Ldan sprul-pa'i gtsug-lag-khan-gi dkar-chag sel-dkar me-lon (The Glass Mirror Register of the Emanted Vihara of Lhasa by the Fifth Dalai Lama Nag-Dbran Blo Bzan Rgya-Mtsho

Gary Bolick

May 1993

The Degree of Russian Lexical Influence on Estonian during the Soviet Period in Connection with socio-psychological variables

Lynne Marie Thornton

April 1993

Structure and function of the Guild System in Ottoman Istanbul: The Classical Age

David Tyson

March 1993

Literacy in Turkistan Prior to Soviet Rule

Drew Morris

August 1992

Some Notes on a Document concerning the Tibeto-British conflict of 1888

Allen Frank

March 1992

The Traditional religion of the Volga-Turkic peoples

Brian Williams

June 1991

The Military Role of the Crimean Khanate in Ottoman Foreign Policy

Christopher P. Atwood

May 1991

The Inner Mongolian Revolutionary Party

Jonathan Grant

November 1990

The Sword of the Sultan: The Peripheralization of Ottoman War Industries from Selim III to World War I

Kemal Silay

May 1990

Ahmedîs Ottoman History

Suha Oguzertem

April 1990

Fictions of Narcissism: ‘Nature’ and ‘Culture’ in the stories of Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar

John Erickson

August 1989

Toward the Directive Case in Orkhon Turkic: A Syntactic Analysis of an Aberrant Morphological Form

Sandra Lynn Bird

August 1989

The Development of Modern Health Care in Mongolia

Todd Gibson

May 1989

A Sogdian in Tibetan Buddhism, the biao of Sri Singha

Wonsoo Yu

April 1989

The Five Hundred Shir-a Daroat Families in Ordos: People in Eternal Mourning for Chinggis Khan

Noureddine Zahmoul

December 1988

Etymological grouping of Finnish words participating in the quantitative gradation pp p

Steven Kronenberg

December 1988

The Great Sealing Nature of Awareness

Michael L. Rogow

November 1988

Land, Bone, Flesh: A Socio-Economic Approach to Polyandry within Traditional Tibetan Social Structure

Karin Beate Hopp

May 1988

Studien zur receptian der ungarischen literatur in England March 1945

Shahyar Daneshgar

October 1987

Persian Calques in Azeri

Miranda Silic

August 1987

Women, Werewolves, and Wantonness

Daniel P. Martin

June 1986

Human Body Good Thought (Mi Lus Bsam Legs) and the Revelation of the Secret Bonpo Mother Tantras

Anne Parker

October 1985

The Human Geography of Central Tibet: Changing Patterns of Land and Resource Use

Marja Tuulikki Snyder.

August 1985

An Examination of the Causes of the Early Enfranchisement of Finnish Women

Elizabeth Thompson

May 1985

The Establishment of an Inner Asian Christianity: The History of Nestorianism to the 14th Century

Chung-Hsiung Hai

May 1985

Prince Palta of the Torguts

Robert Kingsley

July 1984

A Morphophonemic and Etymological Grouping of the Modern Standard Finnish Nouns Participating in the tt-t Gradation

Richard Currie

June 1984

An Annotated Translation of the Biography of Toghto Temur from the Yuan Shih

William Wiggins

December 1983

The Six Editions of Richard Knolles' History of the Turks

Thomas Skallerup

September 1983

The Development of a Native Industrial Labor Force in Uzbekistan

Ruth I. Meserve

June 1983

The Inhospitable Land of the Barbarian

Carolyn Erdener

November 1982

The Village Institutes: A National Strategy for Rural Modernization and Induced Behavioral Change

Theodore Unwin

October 1982

Hungarian-Turkish Relations, 16th Century

Gregory Nehler

March 1982

The Development of the Poetry of Miklos Radnoti

Daniel Phytila

February 1982

Concerning the Antiquity of Finnish Quantitative Gradation

Adrianne L. Mydlowski

August 1982

The Image of Women in Modern Mongol Literature

Sakari Jutila

May 1981

Finlandization for Finland and the World

Stephen Sego

April 1981

Katib Celebi and the Reform of the Ottoman Empire

Nathan Cutler

February 1981

The Sutra of Sor-Mo'i Phreng-Ba

Ann Marsh

December 1980

U.S.-Turkish Relations, 1890-1969

Michael Thomas

September 1980

English-Ottoman Relations: The First Hundred Years

Elliot Sperling

December 1979

The Life of the Fifth Karma-Pa: An Annotated Translation of a Tibetan Biography of the Dharmasvamin De-Bzhin Gshegs-Pa

Devin DeWeese

November 1979

Wilderness and Barbarian: Favorable Evaluations of the Wilderness and the Wilderness Peoples on Medieval Christian and Islamic Literature

Don Carlton

September 1979

Atisha's Vision of Avalokiteshvara

Tom Specht

July 1979

The Interaction between the Finnish Metal and Engineering Industry and the Soviet Union

Dan Bader

June 1979

The Nationality Question in Central Asia: Socialism as a Solution in one Country

Ilona Janosi

May 1979

Laszlo Moholy-Nagy: His Early Life in Hungary (1895-1919)

Paul Alexander Draghi

October 1978

A Tibetan-Mongol Glossary of Materia Medica in Tibetan Script

John Thomas Ririe

September 1978

King Sigismund's Campaign of 1396

Raymond Jean-Harold Jorgeson

August 1978

The Background of the Mission of John of Plano Carpini to the Mongols

Michael R. Drompp

June 1978

The Runic Turkic Inscriptions as Sources for the History of the Second Türk Empire (A.D. 682-742)

Douglas Pauley

May 1978

German Loan Translations in Estonian

Randolph Clark

April 1978

Rection: A Contribution to the English-Finnish Contrastive Grammar

Bill Rozycki

March 1978

A Comparative Phonology of Dagur and Written Mongol

Julianna Ludanyi

October 1977

A Grammatical Analysis of Selected Hungarian Historical Texts

Craig Earl Watson

April 1977

An Abridged Biography of dGongs-Pa Rab-Gsal by Chos-Kyi Nyi-ma: A Critical Transcription and Translation

William Samuel Peachy

August 1977

Selânkî Mustafa Efendi and his History

Roger Eugene Blaine

August 1977

A Survey of Hungarian Language Teaching Materials in English

Carl Robert Erickson

August 1976

Frigyes Karinthy: His Search for Objectivity as Reflected in Six Major Works

Kwan-po Tang

May 1976

Political History of the Dzungar Khanate in the 17th and 18th Centuries

Kin Bing Wu

May 1976

The Founding of the T'o-pa Empire

Donald Einer Bjarnson

May 1976

A Phonemic Transcription of Lorozero (Kildin) Lappish

Andras A. Boros-Kazai

October 1975

Literary Trends in Hungary During the Hunyadi Era

Mary Boros-Kazai

October 1975

Western Travelers to Hungary in the Sixteenth Century

Catheryn A. Stein

September 1975

Studies in the Shangs-pa bKa'-rgyud-pa: The Biography of the Wisdom Dakini Niguma and an Excerpt from the Biography of Khyung-po

Keith Richard Westover

May 1975

The Library in Finland: History, Development, Types and Organization from the Earliest Times to the Present

Michael L. Walter

March 1975

A Treatise on Indo-Tibetan Alchemy

David R. Staats

February 1974

Studies on the Mahbubu'l-Qulub of Mir 'Ali Shir Navayi

Mark Logan Davis

September 1974

An Investigation of the Pamphlet Entitled 'The Demands of the Malecontents'

Gary W. Houston

May 1974

The bSam Yas Debate

Christopher I. Beckwith

May 1974

The Biography of the Youth Padma 'Ol 'Bar

Harry A. Jackendorff

January 1974

The Secret History of the Mongols: Prolegomena to a Discussion of Mongol Socio-Legal Perspective

Thomas E. Ewing

October 1973

The Political and Economic Origins of the Mongolian Revolution: 1911

Adrian A. Niemi

May 1973

An Organization of Finnish Fishing Charms

Bruce Lippard

November 1972

Excerpts from the Synopsis Historiarum of Ioannes Scylitzes Concerning the Pechenegs: Translations and Commentary

Stephen A. Halkovic

May 1972

A Comparative Analysis of Zaya Pandita's Bibliography of Translations

Lajos Kazar

April 1972

The Idea of 'Ability' as Expressed in Hungarian and English: A Contrastive Study

Stanley Frye

April 1972

The Hundred and Eight Names of Avalokitesvara and Tara (Introduction, Translation, and Commentary)

Bess A. Brown

November 1971

The National Communists of Uzbekistan

Marsha E. Penti

June 1971

An Analysis of Veijo Meri's Characters

William W. Reese

December 1970

Some Notes on the Khoy Dialect of Persian Azerbaijani

Larry Vernon Clark

November 1970

Utilizing Early Turkic Linguistic Sources (Eighteenth Century Chuvash)

Kathryn Zahlout

June 1970

Explanations of the Kalevala Poetry Meter: The Role of Music

Andrew W. Marum

April 1970

Turkish Politics in Transition: As Study of Turkish Government between August 1908 and February 1909

Charles D. Van Tuyl

March 1970

Poems Contained in the Biography of Mila-Raspa, an Early Kargyudpa Buddhist Saint of Tibet

Gizelle T. Beke

January 1970

Emperor Joseph II: Tragic Hero of Two Hungarian Historical Dramas

Charles Hartman

December 1969

The Sino-Tibetan matrimonial Alliance of 710 A.D.

Barbara M. Heinkele

August 1969

They Lived in the Open Fields. The Tatars in Sixteenth Century English Travel Accounts

Michael G. Miller

June 1969

Political Trends and the Imam Hatip Schools in Republican Turkey

Thomas Clemo

June 1969

Political Liberalization in Turkey

Mikki Reynard

December 1968

The English Equivalents of Hungarian Már

G. Larry Penrose

October 1968

A Comparison of the Oguz Legends of Abu'l-Gazi and Reshid ad-Din

William I. Pollari

June 1968

Juhani Aho's Relationship to and Treatment of Finnish Pietism

Steven E. Hegaard

May 1968

Some Expressions Pertaining to Death in the Kok-Turkic Inscriptions

Matti Toivo Salo

June 1967

Shamanic Traditions in the Ancient Finnish Poetry

Charles F. Carlson

June 1967

Native Hungarian Words of Ob-Ugric and of Older Origin

William A. Yarwood

September 1966

An Analysis of A Tardi Helyzet, The Situation in Tard

Liina Keerdoja

September 1966

Some Characteristic Differences in the Use of Finnish and Estonian Verbs and Cases

Ralph V. Larson

August 1966

Finland's Constitution: Its Development from 1772 to 1919

Larry William Moses

June 1966

The Battle of Nomonhan-Khalkin Gol

David C. Montgomery

June 1966

Some Lexical Features of the Modern Mongolian News paper Language

Evan B. Ames

June 1966

Hungarian-Slovak Relations to Trianon: The Feasibility of Revision

Alan Foster Brown

June 1965

A Compilation of Cultural Semantic Nouns in Middle Korean

Laszlo Szimonisz

May 1965

An Historical Presentation and Analysis of the Emergence of Seljuk Power


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