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Introduction to Turkic and Iranian Civilization
CEUS-R 292

This course carries CASE S&H & CASE GCC designations
This course carries GenEd S&H & GenEd WCC

This course will provide an introduction and historical survey of the Turkic and Iranian peoples of Eurasia. The geographical scope of the course will encompass the regions of modernday Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, the Caucasus, Central Asia, as well as neighboring Turkic regions of northwestern China and Russia. This course will be divided into three parts. Part one will examine the origins of the Iranian and Turkic peoples, their languages, religious practices and literary traditions. In part two we will cover the history of these peoples and regions in the medieval period, with special attention given to the rise of Islam and its spread among the Iranian and Turkic peoples. Part three will look at the modern era, where we will examine various social and political movements in Central Asia and the Middle East today. This course will also incorporate a number of special elements, such as guest lectures and films, museum visits, as well as musical and dance performances.

Recent and upcoming topics include:

Introduction to Persian & Turkic Civilization (Spring 2014)