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Topics in Baltic-Finnish Studies
CEUS-R 309/509

Topics in Baltic-Finnish Studies is a variable title class intended to be a vehicle for new classes in Baltic-Finnish Studies which are at least partly lecture and which have the potential to become a regularly offered course in the Department. Classes that have been offered twice successfully will be given their own number.

Previous CEUS-R 309/509 courses include:

Finnish Phonology and Morphology
Old Barny, the Czar┬┤s Madman and Estonian Survival (CASE A&H designation)
Ethnic Relations in the Post-Soviet West (R509 Graduate course only)
Estonia's Place: Borders and Neighbors (Spring 2014)
Modern Scandinavia and the Baltic States (Fall 2014)
Structure of Estonian (Fall 2014)
Unity & Diversity in the European Union (Spring 2015)

As a variable title course, this class does not have a fixed syllabus. Grading percentages may also vary according to the design and topic of the class, but may follow this general outline: attendance and quizzes, 15%; midterm exam, 20%; final exam, 35%; and paper, 30%.