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Topics in Turkish Studies
CEUS-R 389/589

Topics in Turkish Studies is a variable title class, intended to be a vehicle for new classes in Turkish studies which are at least partly lecture and which have the potential to become a regularly offered course in the department. Classes that have been offered twice successfully will be given their own numbers.

Recent titles:

Current Events in Turkey (Fall 2013)
History of the Turkish Replubic
From Grandeur to Collapse: Ottoman State and Society in the ‘Post-Classical’ Age (1600-1920)
Ottoman Istanbul from Imperial Capital to Modern Metropolis
Professional Language Portfolio (Spring 2014)
Turkish for Specific Purpose (Spring 2014)
Contemporary Turkey (Fall 2014)
Islam, Islamism, and Modernity in Turkey (Fall 2014)
Advanced Readings and Communications (Fall 2014)
Introduction to Turkey (Spring 2015)
Turkish Education System & Youth Culture (Spring 2015)
Open Source Intelligence: Contemporary Turkey (Spring 2015)
Structure of Turkish

As a variable title course, this class does not have a fixed syllabus. Grading percentages may also vary according to the design and topic of the class, but will in general be roughly as follows: attendance and quizzes, 15%; midterm, 20%; final 35%; paper 30%.