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Manchu Historical Sources
CEUS-R 696
Gyorgy Kara

Evaluation based on oral examination (30%) and attendance (70%).

Reading, translation and analysis of texts in Manchu script or in transcription:

I. Overview of the Manchu sources, their genres. History of research.

II. Excerpts from the Veritable Records (Yargiyan-i qooli).

III. Excerpts from the Yargiyan-i qooli.

IV. Excerpts from the Biographies of the Princes of Outer Provinces (Iletun ulabun).

V. Excerpts from the Iletun ulabun.

VI. Excerpts from Songyun’s Stories of the One Hundred and Twenty Old Men (Emu tangγô orin saqda-i gisun sarkiyan). The foundation of the Manchu Empire.

VII. Excerpts from Songyun’s Emu tangγô orin saqda-i gisun sarkiyan.
The foreigners. The Kiakhta market.

VIII. From the History of the Jungar Wars.

IX. Šurχači’s epitaph. The Gedeng inscription. Seals. Cannon inscriptions.

X. A quadrilingual inscription of the Qianlong Emperor.

XI. Letters. Memorials.

XII. A temple inscription.

XIII. Documents in Old Manchu Script from the Jiu Manzhou dang.

XIV. Documents in Old Manchu Script.