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Intermediate Azeri
Catalog Number CEUS-U 205/520

The summer Azeri course follows the communicative approach to language teaching and learning.  The course will further develop basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Its primary goal is to improve proficiency in Azerbaijani by concentrating on reading and speaking activities. Classes will be conducted entirely in Azerbaijani, with only some grammatical explanations or spot translations of certain items done in English. Class activities will alternate between free discourse, prompted discussions, interviews, team activities and games, oral presentations, written exercises, and discussion using video. Authentic Azeri language materials are used throughout the course, including various video- and audio-taped recordings, media-film, and news clips as well as printed materials. Special attention will be paid to expansion of the vocabulary and grammar you acquired during last year. Grammatical structures are presented within focused drills.

In addition, you will attend some cultural events such as lectures, films and concerts, especially related to the Central Asian and Turkic and Islamic world to gain a historic view of the area studies.