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Introductory Tajik
Catalog Number CEUS-U 299/520

This course is about the language and culture of the Tajik people who live in Tajikistan as well as in Uzbekistan. Tajik is also the language of Bocharian (Central Asian) Jews and the Gypsies of Central Asia. This introductory course is designed to help you develop the skills and knowledge necessary to do the following:
√   Speak Tajik well enough to greet people; begin, maintain, and close face-to-face conversations on familiar topics; ask and answer simple questions about yourself, your family, and your friends;
√   Understand Tajik well enough to comprehend simple utterances, phrases, and questions about courtesy requirements, basic survival needs, and other familiar topics;
√   Read Tajik, written in print or typescript, well enough to understand simple material at the phrase level such as signs, advertisements, bulletins, and short narratives on familiar topics;
√   Write Tajik well enough for limited practical needs such as filling out forms, taking messages, or making simple statements and questions.

From this course, you will be introduced to certain aspects of Tajik culture, including how Tajiks live, play, worship, celebrate, and interact with one another. You will also learn about the geography of Tajikistan, its climate, its flora and fauna, and its capital city, Dushanbe.