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Advanced Hungarian II
CEUS-T 342/742
Valeria Varga

Advanced Hungarian offers advanced level language study for students who have completed four semesters, or more, of Hungarian and have a substantial basic knowledge of Hungarian grammar, syntax, and vocabulary. The purpose of this course is to enable students to converse about moderately complex personal, social, and academic topics, read and understand a full range of literary genres, and write and translate to meet most personal and academic needs. Based on readings, students can extend vocabulary and develop a more academic style for conversation and writing.

Students will further improve their language skills by participating at the weekly conversation hours.

Required course books: Unit 10–12 of the books we started in the Intermediate course, (Hlavacska, Edit; et al. Hungarolingua 2. Magyar nyelvkönyv. Debrecen, 2001; Hlavacska, Edit; et al. Hungarolingua 2. Nyelvtani munkafüzet. Debrecen, 1993).

In addition to the material covered by the course book, authentic Hungarian texts, such as poems, articles from newspapers, etc., will provide extra material to the course.

Specific topics of interest will be determined at the beginning of the semester.

Requirements: regular class attendance and active participation; homework; four tests; short oral presentations every month; one 4-page essay; individual projects; midterm exam; final exam.