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Advanced Turkish II
CEUS-T 382/782

Advanced Turkish -II- will be a fun and easy class for you to learn the language and culture of Turkey. The course book makes it better and easier. We will also be using authentic materials like songs, movie clips, movies and newspapers. The method of the instructor is communicative approach which basically aims to improve the language skills in an interactive way.

We will be using Adim Adim Turkce by Dilset publications. The course will improve and develop the communicative skills and grammar. All basic language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) will be covered in class activities, written and listening homework. As a necessity of advanced level we will listen and watch actual news from Turkish TV channel via the link in the Oncourse web site. As homework you will watch the news and then write a report about it.

We will also have coffee hours to enable students to have a friendly environment by native speakers.

Course Materials:

Adim Adim Turkce 4, Dilset Yayinlari.
The instructor will also provide extra exercise materials from Dilmer Alistirma Kitabi (Dilmer Exercise book) and from some web pages of teaching Turkish.
 Various other materials will also be used (extra exercises, films, short movie clips, songs, games etc.) and provided by the instructor.

Course Requirements and Policies: