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Introductory Estonian I
Catalog Number CEUS-U 111/341
Piibi-Kai Kivik

Course Objectives

The course concentrates on contemporary Estonian, with an emphasis on oral communication and due attention to all four skills of language acquisition: reading, writing, speaking and listening.  The aim of the course is to give the students grounding in all of these skills. Introductory Estonian I is meant for beginners with no knowledge of Estonian. We will learn basic vocabulary for simple, everyday interactions as well as the basic structures of the Estonian language. The classrooms are oriented for communication and maximum use of Estonian, while explanations of grammatical structures and occasional translations into English are not avoided altogether. 

By the end of the course the students can maintain a simple conversation on familiar topics (talk about oneself and immediate surroundings; simple, daily activities; interact in basic service encounters), read short texts with uncomplicated structures, and write notes and brief descriptions.

Language learning in this course is closely tied to learning about and through culture, as well as to the learners' own personal experiences.

Required texts and materials:

M. Pesti, H. Ahi. E nagu Eesti. Tallinn: TEA, 2001.
J. Tuldava. Estonian Textbook. Bloomington, Indiana 1994.

Suggested texts and materials

E. Veldi. Eesti-Inglise sõnaraamat. Estonian-English Dictionary, Tallinn: Koolibri, 2002.
A. Jõgi et al. Inglise-Eesti sõnaraamat. English-Estonian dictionary. Tallinn: Koolibri, 2002.
Pocket Dictionary Estonian-English/ English-Estonian. Tallinn, TEA 2001.

Assignments and requirements

Daily homework, listening to the cassettes accompanying the textbook, quizzes, tests, a midterm and final exam.
Daily classroom participation is required.

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