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Introductory Uyghur II
Catalog number CEUS-U 116/592
Gulnisa Nazarova

The aim of the Spring Semester of Introductory Uyghur is the continuing study of modern Uyghur. During the course the students, as in the fall semester, will develop their skills in listening, reading, speaking and writing, and gain knowledge of literary Uyghur language and culture. There will be communication and reading practice, using different communication activities and texts. The daily classes focus on the following: listening to and conducting simple conversations, pronunciation and grammar exercises, writing and reading simple dialogues/texts. Uyghur audio and video cassettes and different pictures illustrating the contemporary cultural life of the Uyghurs will also be available. Students are given the opportunity for personal expression in the form of partner and group work.

Required texts and materials:
An Elementary Uyghur ( CeLCAR, Indiana University, 2008 )
Daniel St.John, A Uighur - English Dictionary (Ürümchi: Xinjiang People’s Publishing House, 1993)
Anwar, Payzulla, English - Uighur Dictionary (Ürümchi: Xinjiang People’s Publishing House,1988)

Suggested materials: Online dictionary; Uyghur TV:
Tarjei Engesaeth: A textbook of Uyghur Grammar, Volume 1, printed in England, March 2002
Reinhard F. Hahn (with Ablahat Ibrahim): Spoken Uyghur, University of Washington Press, 1991
Online Materials of Fund of CeLCAR

Assignments and grading policy
The assignments include work from the textbook, including reading, grammar activities, writing activities, listening to the DVD, and working with new vocabulary and online materials.

Attendance and active participation are necessary in this class, and so is independent work. There will be regular vocabulary and grammar quizzes or tests (every week), a midterm and a final exam. The exams will consist of both in-class oral and written parts.

Participation: 30%
Homework (oral and written assignments, presentations, journal): 30%
Quizzes and chapter tests: 15%
Midterm exam (oral interview and written): 10%
Final exam: (oral and written components): 15%