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Introductory Mongolian I
Catalog Number CEUS-U 141/361
Tserenchunt Legden

Course objectives

The introductory level class introduces students to the Cyrillic Script-Modern Mongolian Alphabet. It develops speaking, listening, reading and writing skills at novice level by introducing the basic elements of Mongolian pronunciation and grammar.

During the course, students develop their knowledge of Mongolian culture and traditions. By the end of the semester, students are able to conduct conversations on everyday topics and use the main cases and verb tenses of Mongolian in their conversation and writing.

Required textbooks and materials

  1. Sain baina uu Mongolian Language Textbook One by L.Tserenchunt and Sharon Luethy  with a cassette
  2. Khalkha Mongolian Pronunciation by Ch.Battulga and Mika Laiho with a cassette
  3. A course packet.

Suggested textbooks and materials:

  1. Survival Mongolian by Legdengiin Tserenchunt and Sharon Luethy with a cassette
  2. Mongolian Language Textbook edited by Dr. Choi Luvsanjav
  3. Mongolian Grammar by Rita Kullmann and D. Tserenpil, 2001
  4. Mongolian-English Dictionary compiled by Charles Bawden,1997
  5. English-Mongolian and Mongolian English mini-dictionary by Pureviin Uvsh and Legdengiin Tserenchunt, 2004     


The final grade is based on the following components: classroom performance and attendance; homework (oral and written); tests and quizzes; written and reading assignments, oral presentation; midterm and final exam.

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