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Introductory Tibetan II
Catalog number CEUS-U 152/382
Yangbum Gyal

Introductory Tibetan II is a further introduction to the basics of Tibetan language. The course aims to develop all basic language skills-speaking, listening, reading and writing -by covering the features of grammar, vocabulary building and structures needed in daily communication. The course will also introduce the basic facts of Tibetan culture and daily life. You will receive daily written, reading and audio home assignments, and conversation preparation is also required. We will also have coffee hours to enable students to talk to native speakers. 

Nicolas Tournadre, Sangda Dorje. Manual of Standard Tibetan: Language and Civilazation. Snow Lion Publications 2003.
Other materials will be distributed in class.

Recommended Dictionary: 

 M. C. Goldstein, Tibetan-English Dictionary of Modern Tibetan H. 
             A. Jaschke, Tibetan-English Dictionary

Tests:  You will take quizzes toward the end of every week.  There will be three tests end of each month and oral presentation during the semester.  And a midterm and final exam is also expected. 

Absences:  You are allowed up to three absences. You should plan on using these three days for any illness, emergencies or private business. Three percentage points from your total grade will be subtracted for each additional absence. 


25% class participation
20% quizzes and tests
20% home assignments
15% oral presentation
20% final exam