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Introductory Kazak II
Catalog Number CEUS-U 176/576

This class offers   basic communication skills in Kazakh  and the familiarize you with the basic grammar of the language.  You will learn to  speak, and comprehend simple to moderately complex sentences. Through readings, class conversations, listening to Kazakh language media programs, film viewing, and cultural activities, you will also develop an awareness of the Kazakh culture.  

Because of the lack of  the text books, I am planning to use teaching materials from different sources. Students will be given hand outs and copies.   

In the Introductory Kazakh Course we will be learning the following grammatical forms.

1.       Present tense forms of the verbs: simple and continuous, functions
2.       Simple Past tense  of the verbs
3.       Simple Future tenses
4.       Adjectives: comparative adjective, superlative adjective
5.       Modal verbs: obligations, physical possibilities, permission,

 In addition, we will study the following topics and their related vocabulary:

1.       Shopping: buying and selling, food, restaurants, dresses
2.       Animals: domestic and wild, birds
3.       Nature: description of landscape, trees, flowers
4.       Transport and traveling:  accommodations, time, schedule, arrangements.
5.       Entertainment: culture, movie culture, music,  sports
6.       Traditions and customs: national holidays, games and religion
7.       People description: appearance and  character

Textbooks and Class Materials

  1. Kazakh tili  Kanat Ibragimov 2004
  2. Iraida Kubayeva Kazakh language Made Easy Alamaty 2003
  3. We speak Kazakh       Kulpash Sariyeva
  4. Intensive course of Kazakh language 2003
  5. Text book for introductory level Kyryshzhanova Alya
  6. Karl A.Krippes Kazak (Gazag)-English dictionary

Class Policy

The final grade is determined by fulfilling the following requirements.

  1. Homework: accounts for 15% of the grade
    • Translations of work have to be submitted in typed form.
    • Handwritten assignments have to be neat and legible.
  2. Class, language lab attendance and participation: Accounts for 10% of your class grade
    • This class meets at 10:10 – 11:00 A.M. five times a week. Punctuality and daily attendance are mandatory.
  3. Weekly tests and quizzes: Quizzes and tests constitute 15% of your grade.
    Every week there will be some kind of test or quiz based on the new materials that we have covered in the classroom. 
  4. Examinations: 45%
    • Midterm exam is worth 20% of your grade
    • Final exam is worth 25%
    The dates will be announced in the classroom in advance.
  5. Oral and comprehension exam: The oral exams make up 15% of your grade.