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Introductory Persian
Catalog Number CEUS-U 177/520
Shahyar Daneshgar

Course Objectives

This class offers an introduction to basic communication skills in Modern Standard Persian. Its general goal is to familiarize students with the sounds, alphabet, and basic grammar of the language.  Students will learn to read, write, speak, and comprehend simple to moderately complex sentences. Through readings, class conversations, listening to Persian language media programs, film viewing, and cultural activities, students will also develop an awareness of the culture.  

Required Texts and Materials

Moghaddam, Saffar A.  A General Course in Persian 1 “Basic Structures.” 2003.
Thackston, W. M.  Introduction to Persian.  Revised Third Edition. 1993.

Suggested Texts and Materials

Aryanpour Kashani, Abbas and Manoochehr.  The Combined New Persian- English and English- Persian Dictionary. 1986.

Assignments and requirements:

Departmental requirements: